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   Chapter 19

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~~~ Rose - POV ~~~


I felt lonely when Michael pushed me toward Logan. I had just gotten him by my side and once more I was pushed away. The lonely feeling only intensified the longer he was away from me. Why would he do this?

I mean, I know why. He made a safe distance between us before he ran for the last Hunter within their group. The last Hunter that had survived. I was a little jealous at him carrying her due to the fact she was female. I guess my wolf is just a tad bit possessive.

I just can“t understand how all these people were so fast. First Michael and the Hunter“s. How can so many people exist who could travel at these speeds. More to the fact, since when were there Hunter“s who had the abilities of the Supernaturals? How long have they existed for?

My heart skipped a beat when Michael lunged for the so called King and Queen. Why would he do that? Did he not just see how these Hunter“s were decimated without their opponents so much as moving an inch?

Fear overtook me as he suddenly changed forms. What he was doing was so far from normal, I couldn“t even begin to fathom what would be safe for him. When he disappearred form sight and reappeared behind his brother“s and mother“s bodies, a small sliver of hope ran through my mind. Only to be extinguished just as fast as it appeared.

The so called King and Queen were faster. How could they be this much faster?

"Logan! Oberon!" I shouted to both of them. "Do something! He can“t win against them!"

"What do you expect us to do?" Oberon was the one to reply. "If Michael can“t defeat them, then no one can. We may as well just lay down and wait for death."

"We can“t just leave him! He will die!" I shouted as I made my way over to Oberon. "He can“t die." I began to cry softly as a tear ran down my cheek. "I just got him back. I finally have my Mate, and now you say there is nothing we can do!" I added as I lowered my head.

I became concerned when he didn“t reply, so I lifted my head. Noticing his complexion suddenly went pale, I f

yet. I hope he doesn“t. I have to make it up to him somehow.

The Ancient then proceeded to fling Logan about as he winced in pain. The Ancient, with a violent swing of its whip, sent Logan flying into a few dead trees, snapping them to pieces.

I watched as his body fell limp against the ground. How could I let this happen? Maybe I should have just stayed at the house like the rest of the pack. Stayed and kept myself safe. That way Logan wouldn“t be in danger. I am such an idiot.

Once more fear instilled within the very roots of my conscience and I knew that the Ancient had now turned its attention towards me once more.

I turned slightly and as my eyes widened at the bone whips dancing wildly directly in front of my face.

I let out a blood curdling scream by instinct. I couldn“t control myself anymore.

What I didn“t expect was that the dark clouds that had previously covered the sky, dispersing showing the bright sun behind them. Then the sun turning from a bright and blinding yellowish white to a dark deep red. The sky itself began to take the red colour as it all blue vanished.

Whatever was happening caught the Ancient“s attention long enough for me to back away quickly.

What could cause something like this to happen? What could take the attention of an Ancient away from its prey and why was the Ancient making its way over the King and Queen?

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