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   Chapter 18

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I watched stunned at the bodies that belonged to my brother and mother. How could they give up their very selves in order to achieve revenge? They would have died for nothing the moment they were taken over.

The King and Queen seemed to gaze over the vast area surrounding them as they stood without fear. They seemed bored to be in this situation, to be honest. Do we not matter to them? Do we not even compare enough for them to pay us even the slightest bit of attention.

"Zra Lati, do you smell that?" The Queen said in a voice beytraying her intrigue. "It smells familiar. A scent that has not filled this nose in countless years." The King lifted his head and took in a deep sniff, smelling the air around him.

"You“re right." The King seemed to cast a smile in our direction. "It is a smell I have long missed. A smell I am content to know once more. It seems that our calling might allow us some fun. How long has it been since we were entertained?"

"Since that ant, Sylas, banished us to that rotting realm." The queen replied in disgust. She must really hate the Sun god.

"Michael." The lead Hunter said next to me with a smile. "Why don“t you allow us the priviledge to welcome this King and Queen." He seemed to say sarcastically.

"That is not a good idea." I replied holding Rose tightly. "Human“s have no chance of survival against those things. It“s best to run and hope you are not caught in the crossfire."

"Nonsense." The Hunter bellowed. "We are the last of the True Hunters. The Yanagrai. We are not merely human. We can handle ourselves." He continued with a serious tone.

In an instant it seemed that all the Hunters present disappeared and reappeared within striking distance of the King and Queen. I heard the soldiers gasp at the sudden movement. It may only be sinking in now that they are surely outclassed in this situation.

Dozens of swords swung down towards the King and Queen, yet they seemed unfazed. They looked to be more focused on finding the origin of the smell they were talking about previously. The swords snapped at the contact of their bodies causing the Hunters to stumble slightly.

They regained their composure as one of them to the left darted for the Queen. Before his hand landed on her left arm, it suddenlt fell to the floor. Blood gushed from his severed arm and coated the Queens red cloak. The Hunter stumbled backwards with a cry of pain.

I could barely even see what was happening. I only noticed a slight mo

y had a terrifying thought, and looked up. both the King and Queen were floating twenty meters above me looking down with a smile. Suddenly the King disappeared. I couldn“t track his movements. How fast were these Ancients? Do they even have limits?

Suddenly, I saw hand in front of my face, but it took longer than it should have for me to register what it meant. The hand came in contact with my face and I was pushed backwards and down into the earth beneath me.

The impact knocked the wind from my chest as pain erupted within my entire body. I could feel my wings snap at the base as they now were only attached by the flesh and skin of the wings themselves. The ground cratered around me, going at least two meters deep and over fifteen wide.

My eyes widened as the pain refused to let up within my body. It became to much as I could barely focus enough to move any part of my body. My eyes fell to the right and I saw the dissapointed face of the King.

"Is this all you have to offer?" He asked in a bored tone, mimicking that of his Queen“s. "You are a dissappointment. You should“ve been stronger."

I lay there defeated wondering how I could possibly save Rose, when I couldn“t even save myself. My fears were answered with a loud rumble coming from the shattered Greystone pack house. The ground around it cracked open as dozens upon dozens of Ancients began to crawl their way out of the still open portal.

How can we possibly defeat this many, while they are protected by the King and Queen. How will I protect Rose? That is a question, I couldn“t answer and it filled me with more fear than anything before.

I am going to lose her.

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