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   Chapter 17

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As the black smoke began to leak out of the robe I had a feeling that I was missing something. Like it was just within my reach yet further than anything in existence. Wondering about this odd feeling would have to wait. For the time of revenge is upon this Ancient and I will relish the moment I end its existence.

I threw the the stump I held in my right hand, effectively throwing the Ancient off balance. As it backtracked slightly I willed more and more black smoke to leak from my robe. Again that empty feeling returned.

I disappeared within the smoke and the knowledge of all the transformation I had used so far began to swirl within my head. But there was I have not used in a while. One that could possibly be stronger than the rest. I should test it out.

The black smoke began to rise until it formed a flat floating oval that was directed right at the Ancient. As the Ancient began to move towards the smoke. An overly large smoky paw exited the oval black smoke. The rest of the leg followed until a smoking wolf about the same size of the Ancient stood tall with dull blue glowing eyes.

As the wind swayed around it, the smoke dissipated and reformed. As if its fur was made of smoke, it constantly swirled about.

My consciousness took over the wolf as I watched through its eyes. I felt the hatred and anger it felt towards this Ancient.

The Ancient used its tremendous speed to lunge forward thrusting both of its stumps forward towards my wolf“s head. I jumped and rolled to my right, using the claws on my right paw to slice up the left side of the Ancient. Purple blood began to ooze out of the wounds before it began to ooze close.

Why can“t I use the full power of this form? Is this what I have been missing? As if a huge chunk of my power has been sealed, I felt the void between what was there and what was not. Why would Erebus do this? He knew the severity of this and yet he still wants to play games.

As my wolf landed, I jumped towards the Ancient, clamping my jaws around its left arm. As my jaws closed, the left arm snapped in half at the bicep. Purple blood coated the dead ground below.

I jumped back and landed with a loud thud. I was angry. Far more angry than I should allow myself, but this Ancient is stopping me from going back to Rose. I didn“t just want it dead, but I wanted it erased from the universe itself.

With a loud growl I opened my jaws as a large black smoke ball began to form in front of me. It condens

h!" Logan“s voice sounded out loudly which caught my attention. I turned to my left and saw a body flying towards me. I caught it softly and saw a dishevelled Rose with a look of panic upon her face. When she realized she was safe and in my arms, she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me close.

She broke the hug suddenly and her face contorted into one of anger. "If you do anything like that again, fang boy, I will stake you to a tree and let the pups throw produce at you!" She shouted and instantly my spirits lifted. Her very presence was enough to calm me yet my hair and eyes remained changed.

"Fang boy?" I asked her with a smile.

"It was the first thing I could think of." She said mimicking my smile.

"You stupid idiots!" The Hunters laughed once more. "Why attack him again? You are signing you own death warrants here. Remain silent like good little boys and let the grown up discuss some business." He directed towards the soldiers. But before they could reply, the Greystone house that stood about two hundred away suddenly blasted outwards sending pieces of wood flying in all directions.

We all felt two tremendous sources of power erupt suddenly as it bared down on us. How could power like just come about? How is it possible?

Slowly two figures emerged from the rubble, each wearing a dark red robe with gold trimmings. Both had black veins running up their necks and settling upon their cheeks. The skin around their eyes cracked and blacked as if by soot. Their eyes glowing a neon green.

Those were no longer the faces of my brother and mother. It seems the King and Queen have finally arrived.

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