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   Chapter 16

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"Are you ready to understand what you truly are? What you were born to do?" The familiar voice of Blue sounded all around me, emanating more power than he has ever displayed before.

I slowly blink my eyes trying to make sense of what I am feeling and what I am seeing. Slowly the black begins to fade into a large lush meadow with grassy hills as far as the eyes could see. I turned to my right expecting to see a floating pair of glowing blue eyes, but instead, I am met with something I was not expecting.

It was a large wolf at least hundred meters tall. However, it wasn“t a normal wolf, more like the humanoid werewolves from the human“s poor attempt at surveying what werewolves look like.

His arms and legs had orange ripples running up and down like a coal burning under an intense fire. Those glowing blue eyes gazing straight at me holding my gaze with a tight grasp. I was not expecting Blue to be a Werewolf, to be honest I was expecting something more like a reptile like being. Dragon, maybe.

"You“re a..." I trailed off not knowing what to say. How could I finally get to see what he is, and yet am not able to formulate words.

"I am not a werewolf. This is just the form all of my descendants seem to take and evolve from." He said in the same growling voice I was used to.

"I don“t understand. How does that not make you a werewolf?" I asked him a little confused.

"I was not created by another werewolf, nor was I born." He began as his form began to shrink into one standing just under two meters tall. "I was created as is by, well you could call them my father and mother." He added with another growl.

"Mother and father?" I asked dumbstruck. How can something like him just be created? "Who has the power to do something like this?"

"Killian and I told you about them, already. You now know them as Sylas and Maya." He said with something that resembled a smile. "I am what you would call a god. I am the originator of the entire wolf line."

"Hold on." I said taken aback. "You are a god? What about Alastair who was with Killian?"

"Yes, I am a god. And Alastair, well he had the fo

ntrol over the power. As I was beginning to win over the power he leaned down, his jaw close to my ear, and he whispered some advice to me that was lost over the pain. Suddenly my vision went blank. Nothing.

I knew I was still alive, and yet I felt nothing. I felt alone within a pit of nothingness. My memories began to burst forth to the day when I first met Rose, to the day when she rejected me with tears in her eyes, to the day she clung to me when I returned from the cave, to our first kiss, and then finally to the moment when I had to say goodbye to her.

I have never felt more alone than I did at that moment. I truly thought I was not coming back and now Erebus has given me a way to protect her. And now I have to. I have to ensure she remains safe. I have to ensure that everyone remains safe.

Suddenly my vision cleared, and a large stump was coming straight for my head. I lifted up my right hand and caught the stump. The force of the impact caused the ground to further crater, yet I remained in the exact same spot. Not moving an inch. My eyes began to glow a bright blue, and I began to wonder if Erebus was the cause of it. I began to fly up as black smoke began to leek from my black universe robe.

The Ancient seemed to be slightly taken aback from my sudden rise in power and I knew it would not survive this fight.

A smirk appeared on my face knowing full well what was about to happen.

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