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   Chapter 15

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After Logan told me about the sighting of an Ancient, I knew I had to act quickly. I shot up from the couch causing Rose to jolt slightly. She then stood up alongside me. I knew this would be a dangerous fight, so there was no possibility of getting Rose involved in it. I turned to her and kissed softly. It was one of our first“s since she had arrived and I needed it to leave an impression.

"I“ll see you later." I told her and I could already tell she was going to object. "Don“t." I told her trying to get her to relax. "Logan and Oberon will protect you while I“m out. Please stay safe and await my return. OK?" I asked her with another peck on her lips.

I left soon after, running as fast as I could, turning the running into flying as I zoomed past the trees. I didn“t focus on trying to hide my identity, instead I needed to finish this as soon as possible. If the human world was going to find out about our existence due to these Ancients, there was no need to try and hide it now.

I stopped suddenly, hovering close to a hundred meters in the air gazing over the Greystone pack lands. They weren“t kidding, this is more of a wasteland than any sort of pack lands. It was dull and grey, not a single green blade of grass, nor a green leaf. I was disappointed in my family, how could they let this happen to their home? They need to be stopped.

My eyes snapped towards the movement further south and it amazed me at what I saw. This Ancient stood just over fifteen meters tall, standing on four thick stumps that held a tremendous amount of physical strength. it had a long winding tail with a bone blade affixed near the end. It“s torso rose from the middle of it“s body, and held four limbs, the same thickness as it“s tail with the same bone blades affixed on the ends of those too.

It seemed to be specifically created to cut down anything and everything within it“s path. As I hovered over it, I still could not see a head. No eyes, ears, or any sensory organs. How did it know where it was going?

I watched as the arms swung about cutting down the tree“s in its path. They moved like whips. With speed that something of its size should not have.

I transformed into my Fairy God form, as the black robe began to flap in the wind. the Ancient stopped moving as if it sensed the shift in my power. It turned towards me and began to quickly make it“s way over to me.

I flew towards the Ancient with my arms outstretched. I searched through the vast amount of magical knowledge curre

rs in the air as my memory of the fight was ever present within my head.

Suddenly a burst of wind appeared behind me taking me by surprise. How did something sneak up on me? How could I be so careless? Just after I killed one ancient, and here I am letting something else attack me.

It moved faster than the whips did on the Ancient as well as it was about the same size as the other Ancient“s legs. It hit me full on as it flung me towards the ground.

My impact on the ground cratered around me as I sunk into the earth. How could something be that powerful and go undetected by my power.

I lay on the ground as blood began to seep from my mouth. My strength leaving my body with every passing second.

I looked up towards what had just attacked me and finally saw that it was another Ancient. One that emanated far more power than its predecessor. It has skin the colour of molten rock with one glowing orange eye. Its mouth consisting of four large rock teeth. It was at least double the size of the previous Ancient I saw. This one was more humanoid with thick stumps as arms that swayed back and forth as it moved.

How could I be so stupid? Of course Ancients come with varying power levels. Don“t all species follow that rule. Why would they be so different.

I laughed as I watched the thick stump come hurtling towards my beaten body.

Then suddenly nothing. I felt nothing. Saw nothing but the darkness around me. How could i let this happen? I thought to myself.

"Are you ready to understand what you truly are? What you were born to do?" The familiar voice of Blue sounded all around me, emanating more power than he has ever displayed before.

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