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   Chapter 14

The Last Of Us By AliasToBi Characters: 7410

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It“s been three days since the werewolf council had come to house and the events that followed. Oberon has been staying at the house for the time being due to the unanswered questions that seem to keep following me. It is a little irksome with his constant questions about what I am and how did I personify his father.

I spent two of those three days at the cave, trying to contact Killian and Blue, but it would seem they have blocked me out for now. I grew impatient with their wills and left quickly to come back home.

It became a lazy day where I spent the most of my free time with Rose. Either relaxing and cuddling or allowing her to assist with some work that needed to be done around the office. It was funny how she was pleased to be doing something, but her smile made it worthwhile.

Logan suddenly appeared next to the porch swing that was recently installed, ruining the little bit of happiness that accumulated for me and Rose.

"Alpha, there are some wolves from the Greystone pack who wish to meet with you." He said with a smirk. He knows full well that his actions have irked me, and now he dares take pleasure in it? I will have my revenge.

"What do they want?" I asked him with a serious expression.

"They wish to join the pack, as well as they have information regarding your brother“s current activities." Logan said with his face retreating into his usual expression that was all business.

"Fine, I will go meet with them. I have nothing else to do other than relax today." I said and felt a soft slap against my chest. "“Relax“ meaning you included." I said with a smile directing the comment to Rose who was nice and snug at my side. I received a groan in reply as I stood and began making my way down the steps towards the direction that Logan had indicated.

It took me about two seconds to run to the boundary and come to a stop in front of the four families that apparently wished to join my pack.

"State you business." I said lacing my voice with some of my power, just to keep them on their toes.

"Sorry Alpha." They instantly apologized. Why would they do that? Why couldn“t they just begin to talk like regular werewolves. It may have to do with our last meeting

in. I could understand why. She was not a part of the Supernatural Council, nor was she a species King, and neither was she something that held an unknown power. She was a mere werewolf. I rubbed her left upper arm trying to calm her. She buried herself into my side hugging me close.

"Master!" Logan came into the room in an instant. He hasn“t called me that in ages. This must be important.

"What?" I snapped to him, still not happy that Rose has become scared. Dammit, so there is a downside to having emotions. It is getting the better of at the moment.

"There has been some reports regarding a possible sighting near the Greystone pack lands. What“s intrigues me is the amount of reports." He said with panic clearly evident within his eyes.

"Explain." I stated still glaring at him.

"Dozens of reports have come in stating that they have seen a giant being with immense power. A being that no one recognizes." He said as a pained looked flashed across his face.

"What is it, Logan? You seem flustered about something." I told him as I noticed his expression.

"The descriptions that have been coming with the reports." He replied clearly nervous about something. "They all describe the same thing."

"And that is?" I asked when he went silent. This vampire is dragging out this out for far to long. Why can“t he just tell me?

"They are back." He said with a shiver. I didn“t know vampires could do that. He is actually scared. "The Ancients are back."

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