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   Chapter 13

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I wanted to see how well I could do without the need to transform. To test out the power that Blue had given me. Hopefully it would be enough to defeat them, but in the back of my head I had some worries. These council member“s were close to a King“s level of power and maybe, just maybe they would be able to subdue me if I didn“t transform, but that“s the point of a test now, isn“t it?

I ducked under the black and brown wolf of the “leader“ of the council. He used to much force within his jump. It would seem he is letting his anger get the better of him here.

I spun to my left and brought my left leg around connecting it to the side of the head of the golden brown wolf. The wolf rolled for some meters before regaining his footing. Shaking his head as if jarred by my attack.

I rolled forward dodging another attack from a black and white wolf behind me. They seemed to be coordinating their attacks, but just as their leader did, they are using too much force within their attacks.

The golden wolf managed to scrape his claw against my thigh drawing blood after I lost my concentration for a second. Having to fight four of them at once seemed to be a little more than I could handle.

I was only getting a blow in every now and then, but thanks to their regenerative abilities, it soon proved useless. This means I would have to transform. But the question is, into what?

I managed to roll to the side as a white and golden wolf jumped towards my chest. I was wondering where the fourth wolf went. It would seem he was hiding in wait. As I quickly made it to my feet the black and white wolf charged me from my left hand side. My anger was beginning to boil at this point, filling me with power and the need to transform.

I grabbed the wolf“s throat and threw him into the black and brown wolf with enough force to throw them into the tree“s behind them. The tree“s snapped under the impact and before the wolves stopped, four trees were taken down.

Black smoke began to swirl around me and at the moment I was covered I wanted enough power to immobilize them. To stop them and instill fear. Enough fear that they would never challenge me again.

I felt power wash over me and instantly a vast amount of knowledge shot through my head at tremendous speed. As my body quickly became use to the amount of power the black smoke began to dissipate and I stepped out.

My hair grew to my waist, the colour turned a light sky blue and seemed to be glowing. My ears shot outward as if they belong to elves. My form became slightly sl

ed some of his composure.

"So I somehow took over your father“s look?" I said to no one in particular. More of a statement to myself than anything else. "But that means nothing. It is just his image." I added towards Oberon.

"No, it“s not." He said softly as he raised his head so his gaze met mine. "You had his powers. All of them. You used them as if they were your own."

"OK. That does surprise me." I said a little shocked, unconsciously reaching my right arm out as Rose pressed herself into my side. "But surely it is a mere copy. I couldn“t have used his actual power. If I did, he would have felt it drain, would he not?" I said trying to make sense of the situation by throwing out random theories.

"No, he wouldn“t. He died a thousand years ago by the hands of the Ancients. No one aside from him could use those spells. I have spent my entire life trying to imitate them, and have not come even close to what you just did." Oberon exclaimed with a pained look.

"None of this makes sense. How could I use his powers?" I said looking down, trying to understand any aspect of this battle. Of my transformation. "It does seem impossible. But isn“t it possible to borrow powers from the dead? Don“t necromancer“s do that?" It seemed like a valid theory but I still couldn“t believe it.

"No. It won“t work with him." Oberon said softly as I raised my gaze to meet his.

"What do mean? It should. It has to work!" I said hoping that I found the answers that I have been looking for. Then suddenly some of the knowledge of my previous transformation made itself apparent. "Unless..." I trailed off as my face paled.

"Unless the subject in question is a worldly god." Oberon finished.

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