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   Chapter 12

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After I awoke in the cave, the sky was dark with the multitudes of stars shining brightly. I briskly walked back to the house, the journey taking me a few hours. When I got home I estimated it to be more or less three in the morning. Maybe?

As I opened the door Rose came barreling into me wrapping her legs around my waist and hiding her face in the crook of my neck. She was shaking a bit.

"Where have you been?" She asked in an equally shaky voice. She sounded a little scared. I wonder why?

"Why are you so scared?" I asked, while hugging her back. It was only now that i realized what Blue“s other gift was. He gave me back my emotions. I began to enjoy the feeling of holding Rose, of being this close. All I wanted was for her to be happy and smiling.

"You don“t know, do you?" She asked a little confused. I set her down and fixed a loose piece of her by wrapping it around her ear.

"Probably not." I replied with a smile as I began to lead her towards my office. Once inside, I sat next to her on the couch noticing the smirk Logan gave me.

"The werewolf council has been notified that, according their source, you have kidnapped the Luna of the Greystone pack and are keeping her hostage." Rose said as a tear dropped from her eye and slid down her cheek. "How can they believe those lies?"

"They believe whatever they want to believe." I told her as I began to formulate a plan. "Who else, other than the Supernatural Council can reprimand them for their actions. They are greedy with power and they do what they want. That is how it always has been." I gently ran my right thumb in circles on the top of her left hand. This seemed to calm her slightly.

"It“s still outrageous! They should wake up and realize that you were not at fault here and that the Alpha family of the Greystone pack are." She whined. She was really worried about me and this pack. She hasn“t been here long and yet she seems to view these wolves and a vampire as her family.

"We can deal with them when they arrive." I said as I leaned into Rose a little more, relishing in the contact between our bodies. "It has been a long day, we need to rest."

"That is not all, Alpha." Logan said in monotone but I could tell he was agitated about something.

"Go on." I indicated after the pause he gave.

"I have been notified from a Supernatural Council member that their archive“s have been broken into and a very specific archive has been stolen." Logan said with a sneer, obviously he had his suspicions on what was stolen and who stole it. "One of t

Four of them seemed familiar, but I couldn“t place them. I know I have seen them somewhere before.

"Michael Hayes!" Came a booming voice from the middle right of the familiar four. He was larger that the rest wearing only a sleeveless white vest and dark blue jeans. "You have been found guilty of kidnapping and the intent of keeping the Greystone Luna as a hostage. The werewolf council commands you to return her at once, and face your punishment like a true wolf." The voice boomed again.

"That“s where I know them from." I exclaimed to no one in particular. "The werewolf council!" I smiled, until I felt the familiar touch of Rose on my back.

"Are you alright?" She said with a smile, almost on the verge of laughing.

"Yeah, sorry. I just remembered them from somewhere, and couldn“t place them." I said as I turned to here with a smile. "Then it clicked. I didn“t realize I said that out loud though."

"But you did, and you have seemed to anger them with that outburst." She said with a chuckle, before she took a few steps back towards Logan.

"Sorry. She is not a hostage nor is she the Greystone Luna." I shouted in reply to their outburst. "Hayden“s treatment of her cut those ties a long time ago. Therefore, I will not be returning my Queen to a bunch of power hungry mongrels, such as yourselves." This seemed to anger them further. Good, I thought. It“s going perfectly according to my plan.

"Enough. We will take her by force." The large council member shouted before he shifted into a large black and brown coloured wolf, followed by the rest of the council members. It was then I noticed Hayden behind them smiling. his face contorted into a look that just pervade evil.

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