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   Chapter 11

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After the revelation given to us by Logan, Rose and I were dumbstruck. How could he be that old? How did he know Killian? Who are the Ancients and why does he know about them? I can“t believe he is one of the firsts of his kind. That is a heavy mantle to own and he has owned it for over two thousand years.

I made my way over to the cave once more, hoping to uncover some more secrets as to who I am and further to the point, what I am. Maybe Killian can even shed some light on who these Ancients are.

I stood outside the small lagoon where the waterfall fell, staring up to the heavens letting my mind wonder.

I had just killed my own father yet the fact that it helped to keep Rose safe, softened the blow. Rose may be right when she stopped me from killing Hayden. Maybe I was losing myself in the moment back then. I really was becoming the monster that everyone believed me to be. For that alone, I will forever be truly thankful to her.

I began to think about the power that the giant blue eyes gave me and wondered just how powerful it would make me. Could I even take on the entire Supernatural council? I know they are made up of the very first“s of each kind, so their strength was not exaggerated, but could I defeat them? Could I defeat these so called Ancients when they finally arrive? There are some questions that need answers that I will be sure to request from both Killian and the blue eyed giant.

I dove into the water and made my way under the water into the cave. I stripped until I was just in my pitch black briefs and sat in the middle facing the waterfall. I closed my eyes, hoping it would be an informative meeting.

Soon my vision began to blur into the white room and once again I was staring towards the obsidian throne. Instead this time, it was not a blacked out figure and instead there was a well built man with short blonde hair and the same golden crown atop his head. The same animal skin quilt adorned his lower body. He sat there staring at me with a smirk on his face.

"Welcome back, boy." Killian said with a soft chuckle. "It would seem that dear Jorgum spilled the beans." It was odd for Logan to be referred to as Jorgum but then again, they did know each other years before. Things are bound to be different.

"Some of it." I began deciding to be a hundred percent honest in this situation. "Mainly about who he is as well as you. Also something about the Ancients."

"He has spoken out of turn." Killian said leaning forward in his chair. It was a little intimidating due

Blue said in his growling voice.

"I“m not a werewolf? Then what am I?" I asked with anger filling my voice.

"My dear, where would the fun be in telling you what you are." Killian let out, clearly enjoying himself. "It would be way more fun to let you find out on your own."

"You guys are no help." I let out before I remembered Blue temper.

A sudden pressure pushed me against the flat of whatever floor I was standing on I could barely move my body let alone thinking of standing. Whatever kept me against the floor was powerful. More powerful than I could know.

"What did you say boy?" Blue let out in a low growl. "Did I not give you power? Did I not give you answers? Did I not keep you alive for eighteen years? Yet you tell me I am no help." Blue was angry. Shit, I really screwed this up.

Suddenly the pressure let up and I slowly got to a sitting position. I kept my eyes on Blue while I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Haha." Killian laughed again. "That was funny. I remember when I pissed off Alastair. I hope I didn“t look as helpless as he did."

"Even more so." Blue said with a chuckle.

"What, seriously?" Killian asked Blue. "That“s not good. No wonder I couldn“t get him to like me."

"It wasn“t your strength he didn“t like. It was you. He couldn“t handle your personality." Blue said once again in a low chuckle.

"Who is Alastair?" I asked Killian as I slowly stood up.

"I first knew him as Red." Killian said with a saddened expression. "He was to me what Blue is to you."

"And what is Blue to me?" I asked him wondering just what kind of beings Blue and Red are.

"Power. Ability." Killian added as he stared at me, before he added. "Hope."

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