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   Chapter 10

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I slowly began to stalk towards Hayden as he stood on unsteady legs. His face showing his fear. The Grentwich pack behind him all had fear plastered on their faces due to the unknown set before them.

Here something that couldn“t exist was walking towards them. At the same time, their Alpha has died in a one sided battle and the Alpha“s son, who was supposed to lead them is someone they cannot respect. Life has upturned what they knew for a very long time.

I slowly closed the distance between Hayden and myself until I was right in front of him. I slowly raised my right hand watching the fear multiply on his face. I wanted this punishment to last as long as I could possibly make it. For what he did to Rose, he deserved it.

"Michael! Stop!" Rose shouted from behind me just as my claws closed around Hayden“s neck. "Please stop!" Tears running down her cheeks.

I turned to Rose to see the tears. My chest felt heavy. Is it my fault that she is like this? Why is she telling me to stop? Does she not want Hayden to feel the pain he has put her through all these years?

"Why?" I asked her in a soft tone as I lowered Hayden to the ground.

"Because it is not worth it." She began to sob now as she slowly closed the distance between us on unsteady legs. "Please just let him go. Do not become the monster everyone believes you to be."

I stared at Rose for a while longer before I decided to listen to her. I dropped Hayden to the ground with a soft thud.

"You should leave now, brother." I told him as I turned my hardened gaze towards him. "Rose has saved your life. Never forget that." I told him as I watched him slowly and unsteadily stand up.

"This isn“t over Michael." Hayden shouted as he began to backtrack. "Mother and I will not forgive you for this act of treason."

"Treason?" I asked in a confused voice. "I don“t understand why you are stating this."

"Don“t be stupid brother." Hayden shouted as some of his confidence returned. "You have killed an Alpha without your Alpha“s approval. This goes against the council“s laws. You will be punished."

"But I have not broken any laws, dear brother." I chuckled menacingly as Rose“s soft hands gently began to stroke my right arm calming me slightly. "The Alpha merely protected his lands against another criminal Alpha. No laws have been broken."

"What?" Hayden asked confused. "What do you mean?"

"I am the Alpha of this pack and the actions you and father have made, have broken more laws than I could ever have done." I told Hayden with a smile.

"Impossible." Hayden said in a trembling voice. "You can“t be the Alpha."

"I can and I am. Now please leave. You are trespassing on my lands." I said as I turned around, walking away from Rose as the

n as both mine and Rose“s mouths dropped in surprise. "I am not as strong as my brothers and sisters, but I am stronger than the watered down vampires that exist today. Not many know of my existence which is what my brothers and sisters wished for. Especially due to what I did."

"What did you do? Why would they not want their own brother to stand amongst them?" Rose asked, clearly agitated that they would even consider doing that.

"I pledged myself to a King who held more power than any other living creature currently walking the face of the earth. Much as I have done now." He added in response to Rose“s questions. "However, his circumstances were unfortunate. I have never known one man who has ever experienced as much pain as he had, and it only got worse."

Rose and I sat in awe. With what Logan was revealing, we did not know how to react. How could he keep something like this from me?

"He had to fight alone against foes that no mortal has ever known to exist. Beings that should not have existed in the first place. He fought and died saving the world as we know it a thousand years ago." Logan said as he rubbed his forehead for a second before he looked back at me. "Without him, they would have overturned our way of life as we know it and all supernaturals and humans would have become endangered species, some even extinct."

"What has that kind of power? Who was this King?" I asked wanting to know the answer more and more by the passing second.

"The kings name was Killian. King Killian, the only other of your kind to be rejected." Logan said ans then with a sigh and a pained look, he continued. "And the beings that killed him... I only know of he referred to them as."

"And what is it?" Both Rose and I asked at the same time.

"The Ancients." Logan said as a pained look crossed his face.

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