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   Chapter 9

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"Logan, keep Rose safe." I ordered him which would allow me to focus on this much needed battle.

I stalked towards my father and Hayden slowly, watching their every movements. They seemed confident that they would win. I wonder why. In all the supernatural creatures that are known in the present, none have the ability to fly unless they are well over a couple millennia in age. Which I obviously was not.

Hayden lunged forward aiming a punch towards my head. I was surprised at how slow it was. Was he always this slow? This weak? How could I have come from the same lineage as this pup?

Using my left hand I caught the punch with a loud thud. The force of it not enough to cause me to flinch. I stood like a rock as I stared into my brothers bewildered eyes. He must now know that I am not the same as before. That I will not cow down to his puny whims.

I let go of his hand and he instantly dropped back to stand next to father. Coward, he retreats so easily. If you come into another Alpha“s territory and attack his Mate, then retreat is a the lowest form tactics. The respect lost due this actions will not go unnoticed.

"Father. Something“s wrong. Michael has never been this strong." Hayden told my father who was still studying me with squinted eyes.

"Nonsense. He is still the same runt, unfit to be a Hayes." My father stated loudly which earned growls from my pack, which just arrived behind me. This was probably Logan“s doing but it helps in dealing with stubborn wolves. "Boy!" My father shouted towards me in a tone of voice that could only be considered demeaning. "I command to be taken to your Alpha. We have business to discuss towards the kidnapping of our future Luna."

"The Alpha does not speak to weaklings who cannot fight by themselves." I told him, angering him on purpose in hopes that he decides to fight me one-on-one. That way I can settle this without the bloodshed of an entire pack. "More to the fact." I began knowing this would upset my brother. "You willing gave up your right for the Luna the moment she was forcibly mated."

"Lies. It was willing!" My brother shouted at me as his anger rose. However, my father had more control of his. Although his face was red in anger, he didn“t snap. He only watched me carefully.

"Only on your part, brother. But what about hers? How is being locked in a cage, willing?" I told him as

ht. I twisted to the left and grabbed the Hayden“s brown wolf by the side of his head and with my tail a wrapped it around fathers body. I continued the motion of twisting left and sent father crashing into the trees that lines the yard. Hayden on the other hand, I sent barreling into his pack who stood firm. He bounced into the first lines before falling to the ground with a loud thud,

I turned my attention to father who was now back on his unsteady feet. He stalked towards me, unwilling to accept defeat. He found some strength and charged at me once more.

I built it as much power as I could muster and disappeared, within an instant I closed the ten meter distance while raising my right arm. I now stood on the left side of my father.

I brought it down on top of my fathers back smashing him into the ground. Cracking and cratering it beneath him. His wolf spat out blood as his body lay across the now jagged ground. A dust cloud erupted, blocking the view from all within clearing. As it slowly dissipated, I stood victorious above my father“s now limp and lifeless wolf.

Everyone was quiet. No one cheered or clapped. All stood still astounded at the display of strength.

"How dare you!" Hayden shouted angrily as he shifted back into human form. "He was your Alpha. He was your father! How dare you kill him!" Hayden kept shouting.

"I lost my family twelve years ago." I looked towards Hayden, my face showing my annoyance at this matter. "And now it is your turn to understand that all actions have consequences." I said as I began to stalk towards my brother.

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