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   Chapter 8

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I sat in the cave wondering about what had just happened. Who was that black figure? I was trying to contact my wolf and yet something like him shows up instead. Something seemed really off about this whole situation.

And what did he mean exactly about “They will awaken“? Who are “They“? Am I “They“? Am I really that powerful that I could aid in the world“s demise? Am I directly responsible for it? Or do I just enable it? There are so many questions without answer at this point. How could that thing just leave without answering me?

I need to get back to why I came here in the first place. I need to gain control over my other self. I cannot bring danger to Rose again. I just can“t. And why am I trying so hard? I“ve never wanted to do something like this before.

Suddenly my vision turned to black and once again I was no longer within the cave. This place seemed so different from either the cave or the white room. I tried looking around but I had no sense as to where I was, in which direction i was facing, or even if I was upright. Once again, something weird has happened.

"Why are you here?" Came a deep voice heavily laden in a growl. The voice seemed to be coming from every direction and more to it, it seemed angry. Angry at the fact that I was here. He seemed to get impatiently as I was trying to figure out where the voice was coming from when he added, "Look up." And so I did and was met with two towering bright blue eyes slit like a cat“s.

"What the-" I began but was cut off by my own amazement.

"What do you want, boy?" The voice said again as I watched the being“s eyes squint a bit making me think it was getting a little agitated.

"I“m here to see my wolf." I shouted towards the giant. Well I am assuming it is a giant, not knowing anything else that it could be at that moment.

"What wolf? You don“t have a wolf." The being said once again a little more angrier.

"What do you mean by that? I am a werewolf! I have to have a werewolf." I shouted once more to the being in front of me.

"And whoever told you such a lie?" The being seemed to chuckle but the noise it produced sent shivers down my entire body.

"I don“t understand. If I am not a werewolf, then what am I? And further to the point, how do you know so much about me when I have never heard of something that comes close to what you could be?" I said in an aggressive tone.

"Watch your manne

our vampire“s trail. Commendable, considering who your vampire is." The voice told indicating he knew more than I will ever begin to understand.

"Wait, who is Logan and why is my family here? Why would they care for Rose?" I asked him as I began to worry. Odd, I have never worried before. this emotion thing is a little trifling.

"Logan will be the one to tell you when the time is right and you should know why your family won“t give up Rose willingly. Especially since what they have done is against the council“s laws." The voice told me as his eyes began to fade into darkness. "You need to leave now. You will come to understand more later on. Enjoy my gifts for now."

I was shoved back to the cave against my will and instantly a weight crashed into my insides. It felt heavy but my only thought was for Rose. Everything inside my head was focused on her safety. I shot forward and with speed I didn“t even know I had I shot through the waterfall with a loud bang following my exit. I was flying. How the hell am I flying?

Within seconds I was landing in front of my house causing everyone to stare at me in shock. Especially the faces of my father and brother who were stalking towards a frightened Rose hiding behind Logan.

"You are trespassing." I calmly told my father. "And you are threatening my Queen." I added, wondering why I used the term Queen.

"Trespassing? Trespassing on what? A titleless wolf has no right to command Alphas." My father said with pride and anger seeping into his voice.

"Titleless?" I asked with a chuckle. "Let me show you why I am no longer titleless."

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