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   Chapter 7

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~~~~ Michael - POV ~~~~


"Why did you bring her?" I asked Logan as I leaned back into my black leather office chair. My office was on the large side. With a large cedar oak desk in the middle covered with papers and two laptops. The sides of the office littered with books about the legends of werewolves, their mythology, and many, many more.

"It was needed, Alpha." Logan replied with a short bow of his head.

"Explain." I responded fixing a glare towards him. We ignored Rose“s presence so I could find out what possessed Logan enough to action this.

"Because you have been losing your grip lately. Even the children have noticed." Logan explained. "It cannot go on any longer."

"I am fine. I have control." I replied thinking he was just exaggerating. "There“s no need in an attempt to try and tame me." I said as my voice began to rise.

"Alpha, we are not trying to tame you. We are thinking of the children." Logan began as he shot up quickly watching me with a weary gaze.

"I would never harm a child. You know that more than anyone here!" I shouted as anger swelled up inside of me.

"I know, but the mothers are not so sure. They are beginning to grow concerned." Logan said as he inched further away from Rose, why is he doing that?

Rose must have sensed the tension within the room because she slowly got up out of the chair she was sitting in. I didn“t see the expression on her face but what I did know was that she was closing the distance between herself and Logan.

Once again anger began to swell up within me, until it burst forward. I lunged over the desk grabbing Rose by her throat and pushed her into the far wall, lifting her off her feet.

"Why are you here?" My body shouted without my control. "Why are you doing this again? Was it not enough the first time, now you have to make me go through it again?" My body continued to shout.

"Doi-Doing Wh-Wh-at?" Rose tried to get out but with my hand squeezing her throat it came out more of a groan than anything else. Logan tried to stop me by rushing at me at the height of his speed. My body let loose black smoke that took the form of a hand and grabbed Logan out of thin air. Swinging him around, the black smoke hand threw Logan threw the stained glass window behind the desk.

The look on Rose“s face became one of terror.

"Now you try to trick me. Again!" My body shouted again. "Is

e laughed and a pure white mouth split open in a smile. Black smoke began to leak from the open orifice. "You still haven“t figured it out."

"Figured out what? What am I supposed to figure out?" I asked once more putting power into my voice.

"You power means nothing to me. Until you accept me for what I am, you will forever remain weak and the world will perish." He said as his white mouth closed.

"The world will perish?" I asked in disbelief. "Just what have I gotten myself into?" I asked myself.

"My dear boy, it was not you but Rose, that began your demise." The figure said with a wave of his hands.

"How did Rose begin my demise?" She hasn“t done anything.

"Oh, yes she did." The figure chuckled. "Think boy. What did she do to you that no one else has ever done before? Except that first time of course."

"I..." My mind blanked.

"I will tell you something though. The elders of this generation have severely lost their touch and authority. They should never have allowed those events to occur. Because of that, the world is at stake."

"What are you talking about? How is the world at stake?" I asked as I straightened my posture and stared where his eyes should be.

"My dear boy. You don“t even know, do you?" He asked with concern filling his voice.

"Know what! Tell me, dammit." I ordered him hoping for it to have an affect.

"The elders are suppose to warn the Alpha“s what happens when a wolf is rejected." The figure said but trailed off.

"What happens?" I kept pressing.

"They awaken." Was all he said as his entire body went up in smoke and I found myself back the cave.

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