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   Chapter 6

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~~~~ Rose - POV ~~~~


Even after two years apart, I would know that voice anywhere. Why is he here? How has he survived this long, he was an unshifted, titleless wolf the last time we met. Maybe something changed after what I did and after he left.

I turned to confirm what I already knew and what I saw left me speechless. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen two years ago and now he has become the most handsome man I have and probably will ever see.

He was larger than before but he wasn“t overly so. He was also well toned and I couldn“t help myself but lower my eyes to his naked chest and abs. I sound like a bitch in heat but this is what he does to me. Even back then, when I rejected him, he invoked these feelings and for two years they have bottled up.

Logan, in an instant, leapt away from me, but luckily I kept my balance. I wonder why he did so? I continued to focus on Michael and the shoulder length black hair he had let grow out. But what amazed me were the scars that littered his body. Just what had happened to him and how is he still alive? And more to the point, how did I not feel any of those wounds?

Is it not true that the other in a Mate bond would feel any and all physical pain that the other half went through?

"Michael." I said in a soft voice as I lifted my gaze to his crystal white eyes whose irises were now outlined with a thick black line. My voice betrayed what I was feeling at that moment. I even completely forgot what I was wearing.

What Hayden forced me to wear. It looked like an old potato sack that was fashioned into clothes and reminded me of those movies that depicted how the poor of old lived and dressed.

"Rose." Michael spoke in a tone I have never heard from him before. I assume it must have been confusion laced with concern. "Why are you here?" He turned to Logan. "Was this your doing?" I turned to look where he was facing and found Logan about fifteen meters away from me with the kids hiding behind him.

"Yes sir. It was needed." Lo

yden that they were running from the monstrous Alpha of the Canadian pack. An Alpha that is viscous and merciless towards those he deems unnecessary.

"I see you are familiar with the rogue term of the Heathlock pack." Logan replied with a smile. "Master, here hates the name, but it inspires fear within those that he does not want on his lands. And yes, he is the Alpha. He took over the title after a unanimous vote the pack held after the untimely death of its previous Alpha."

"Untimely? Shouldn“t the wolf who killed the Alpha be the next Alpha? How can Michael just get the title after a vote?" I asked a little rushed, trying to understand how he gained the title.

"No wolf killed Alpha Harris. It was a vampire. They launched an attack from all four sides and while Master took care of them, one snuck through and bit Alpha Harris. Master was a few seconds too late. When he tore the vampire to shreds, showing the rest of the wolf pack that vampires can in fact bleed before bursting into ash, they decided that he is worthy of the title. None challenged the vote." Logan explained as Michael made his way over to me and knelt to my left. He kept poking my shoulder sending wave after wave of sparks through my body.

"Stop that!" I shouted at Michael who seemed to be enjoying himself. "Do you have any idea what that is doing to me?" I asked as my face flushed.

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