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   Chapter 5

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Author“s Note: Hi All, sorry about the delay, but I have noticed that my editor did a piss poor job. Samples include not noticing that Michael“s name changed to Alexander after the first chapter. This has been rectified and I will go through the chapters to ensure that no more has been missed.


~~~ Alpha Harris - POV ~~~


He moved as if possessed by a beast. Even my own eyes couldn“t keep up with what was happening. The Eight vampires fell one after the other as Michael made his way through. Limbs were ripped from their bodies as their coagulated blood began to slowly seep from their wounds.

The black smoke emanating from his body, although left me dumbfounded, trailed behind him as he moved. Ash from the fallen vampires now littered the ground. How can one man do so much? How can this thing even exist?

This "Logan" vampire who seemed to serve Michael stood patiently next to me while Michael finished. This has to be an interesting story. A well-built vampire with a shredded suit serving a monster of a werewolf. If he even is one. I have to know what happened here.

Michael finished with the last vampire by beheading him with his teeth and stood by as his body turned to ash.

The smoke began to increase until it covered his entire wolf. Logan bowed his head as Michael stepped out of the smoke back into his human form. His body still littered with scars. How have they not healed yet? Shouldn“t shifting have taken care of that?

"Logan." I asked not taking my eyes off Michael, still trying to figure him out.

"Yes, Alpha Harris." He responded with respect evident in his voice. Odd. I have never heard a vampire be respectful. It was enough to take my eyes from Michael.

"Why is Michael“s body like that? Shouldn“t the scars have healed when he shifted back?" I asked with curiosity filling my voice.

"That is a story for the master to tell. Apologies." Logan said with a bow of his head.

"Understandable." I replied as I turned my attention back to Michael who has now moved to a stop in front of me.

"I assume that is enough of a demonstration of my power. How about that deal? Do I have a job?" He asked with a straight face. Why do his eyes seem so lifeless? It“s as if they hold no feelings whatsoever.

"Of course." I replied turning to the pack. "Michael has proven himself. He will guard the west." The pack didn“t even cheer. They all stared at him in shock. It“s understandable. Growing up, being told one thing and now something shows up that throws all those beliefs into nothingness.

"Perfect." He said as he turned to walk in what I am assuming is the way to his new home with Logan following close behind.


~~~ Michael - POV ~~~


I was still unsure as to why the vampires chose that time to try launch an attack on Alpha Harris“s pack but at least I could use it to my own advantage. At least now I have a source of income while I try to make my life here.

While walking back to the house with Logan trailing close behind, I felt an enormous pain in my chest. It quickly spread throughout my whole body causing me to collapse to my knees. Logan rushed to my side quickly and knelt beside me.

"Master!" He shouted. "What“s wrong? What“s happening?"

I clutched my chest as the pain continued. My eyesight began to dim quickly until it was all black. Quickly after, a face came into view while the black receded into a dim white. The face of my twin brother with blood sitting lightly on his lips that had began to stream down his chin.

I could see the reflection within his eyes and the face is one I would recognize anywhere.

He had just mated and marked my mate. Tears streamed down her cheeks. It was unwanted. Anger flooded me.


~~~~ Two Years Later - Rose - POV ~~~~


I wonder how long I have been here? I thought to myself as I looked around the cell that has now become my residence.

A few weeks after Hayden marked and mated me, we found out a very fortunate piece of information. Well, fortunate for me. If one wolf within the relationship is unwilling and/or is being forced into a marriage and mating, as well as unwilling to bear any pups to spouse, then it will become impossible to do so.

When Hayden found out about this, he was infuriated. He threw me into the cells without a second thought and luckily enough for him my family and pack had already returned to the Greystone pack lands.

I have watched countless rogues being brought into the cells, tortured and killed, right in front of me. Many of the times it was Hayden that had done so. I think it was his way of asserting his dominance over me.

But after a month or two, I can“t really remember, he allowed one of the rogues into my cell. It was a nig

ht I would never forget. Being underfed, I did not think I could fight him off, but I just managed. Some unknown strength flooded me and I felt anger. More anger that I have ever thought possible. The rogue was dismembered and killed within a few minutes.

Needless to say, Hayden was not happy. His plan to torment me suddenly took an unexpected turn. He left shortly after. I had to clean up the mess. Although I removed the body by throwing it out of the cage, the blood was a bigger issue. The stain still remains across the floor.

Back in the present the anger still remains within me but it has died down some. Whenever it is needed, it will resurface. I still have not figured out how this anger is within me as I now know it is not mine, but I will remain grateful to it for the foreseeable future.

I lay on the steel bed staring at the ceiling when suddenly the cell door began to open. How did I not notice someone was here? How could I not sense him when we were in such a closed environment.

"Mrs Hayes." I heard an unfamiliar voice. "It has taken me some time to find you, and I apologize for the delay." His body suddenly came into view and so did his scent. Vampire.

He must have noticed my discomfort as he backed away slightly. Odd, why wasn“t I afraid of this vampire? Why am I do I feel so familiar with him? It“s as if I knew he wouldn“t hurt me.

"My apologies, Mrs Hayes." He said in a soft tone.

"O“Brien. I never fully accepted the Hayes name." I replied making my thoughts known about my situation.

"Ah, Miss O“Brien." The vampire said as he took a few steps towards me. "I require you to accompany me. My master is in need of your presence."

"Who is this “master“ of yours?" I asked as I took a few steps towards the very handsome vampire.

"I am not at liberty to say, but I can say that my name is Logan and I mean you no harm nor do I intend to allow harm to come to you." He replied with a bow of his head. That“s when I noticed his pitch black suit and black shirt. What kind of servant/butler/whatever he was is he?

Logan flitted towards me and picked me up in the princess cradle and all my strength left me. I fell into his grasp easily and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I apologize for this, but it will be quicker if I take you." He replied with a chuckle.

"Where are going?" I asked him hoping for an indication.

"Canada." He replied softly just before I felt a wild intense wind surround me. We were flitting. I always wondered how it would feel and now I can say for sure that it is far too fast to be traveling. How can he even see where he is going?

I don“t know how long it was before we arrive as I slowly opened my eyes to find myself surrounded by a dense forest. Logan let me down on my unsteady feet but stayed close in case I needed him.

"Uncle Logan!" Came about a dozen shouts front in front of us. I quickly looked up and found myself looking at a massive mansion surrounded by sunlight. How did I miss that? I saw eleven children run towards us, varying in age. Some were at least eight or nine while others were close to fifteen.

They rushed towards us but slowed as they set their eyes on me.

"Uncle Logan, who is this?" The oldest of the kids said as she quickly placed herself between the rest of the kids and me. Comforting to see that she had the safety of the kids in mind when meeting a stranger.

"A friend of the Alpha“s." Logan said with a comforting voice. I never knew vampires could be like this. He really is a handsome oddball.

"Alpha has friends?" A small voice came from the back of the group. He sounded surprised.

"He does, and you all should know that he considers you all as close friends too, even if he doesn“t show it." Logan replied with a chuckle.

"Logan, who is the Alpha?" I asked him as I leaned into his arms as my legs began to feel tired.

"You will see soon enough." He said as he wrapped his right arm around me. Damn, he sure is tall. Then he turned his gaze towards the kids. "Where is the Alpha?" He said as his tone suddenly turned concerned.

The oldest of the kids, who protected them against me, was the one to speak. "He headed up north. Some rogues were attacking Alpha Greenwood, so he went to offer his assistance."

"Alpha Greenwood?" I asked. I know most of the werewolf alpha“s in North America but I don“t remember his name.

"He is the alpha of the Werebear clan further up north. Alpha has let them reside on his land in return they serve under him." Logan said as his voice began to sound normal again. And why does it sound British? This vampire is more confusing than any other creature I know.

"A werebear is serving under a werewolf? What kind of wolf is your alpha?" I asked as I swapped my gaze between the kids and Logan.

"The kind that does not like unexpected visitors." Came a familiar voice laced with malice behind us.

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