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   Chapter 4

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"The Alpha is through that door." The leader of the patrol said. During our walk I found out the twins names are Gregory and Tristan. The bald man is named Vincent and the leader of the patrol is named Frederick. He gestured to the door in front of us and stepped aside.

I was surprised at the pack house. It wasn“t as large as the previous one I lived in but it had a more home like feeling to it. It was large and had white plastered walls that gave it a modern-ish feeling. There were only two floors and a large winding staircase that led to the top floor. The Alpha office was on the top floor all the way to the left of the pack house.

I opened the large light brown doors that led to the Alpha“s office. He was a large man that easily reached the height of 6 feet and five inches. He had a more athletic build than that of the other largely built werewolves. I heard an audible gasp as I noticed that he saw the scars that littered my body. I glanced to my sides and found two soft plush white couches and a multi coloured persian rug that lined the floor.

"What can I do for you?" He asked in a deep voice that gave away that he saw me as a threat. Odd though, no one else did.

"Well, Alpha Harris." I began staring into his eyes. I don“t know where all this confidence came from and I was not about to back down now. "I have recently claimed a house roughly fifteen kilometers west of here and would appreciate your permission in regards to residing in said house and access to your territory. I would also like to discuss the possibility of a job."

"A house? West of here?" He said deep in thought. "I think I am aware of this house you are speaking of and permission granted. Under the condition that you maintain and renovate it yourself. Understood?"

"Perfectly." I replied keeping my expression serious. "And the prospect of a job?"

"That will be a little more difficult. I do not know what you are capable of or what you specialize in." He said as he lent his elbows onto his desk.

"Well, I am quite strong when it comes down to fighting abilities and if you are willing, I could be the first line of defense from the western side of the territory. Then all you need to do is focus on the North and South sides. Considering the Eastern side is the ocean, of course." I said with brushing off tone.

Alpha Harris was quiet for a while, while he considered the request. He finally stood fixing the sleeves of his black suit jacket. "I can accept this, however you will need to undergo a few trials, to ensure you are as good as you claim to be."

"Of course." I replied as I stood up and waited for Alpha Harris to leave the room first.

We walked out of the back of the house into a large flat clearing that I assume is used for training. The grass in the middle has already been trampled enough for it to stop growing. Only hardened earth remained. Hundreds of pack wolves had now surrounded the training clearing in a large circle. The Alpha continued to walk until he stood at the very center.

"Welcome." He said loudly towards his pack. "I have called you together, this day, for a very unusual occasion. We are to assess, young Mr. Michael, here. He has offered his assistance to protect the western border, however, we still need to confirm whether or not he is capable of such a feat. Are there any here you will assist confirming Mr. Michael“s strength?" About a dozen hands went up around the crowd, including the Beta“s, who I now know was the leader of the patrol who brought me here.

"That“s encouraging." He said with a smile. "We need the first volunteer." He shouted as a large man came forward from my right. He was just about my height with a pitch black t-shirt that stretched over his large muscles. His shoulder length dirty blonde hair swayed slightly as he moved.

"Aah, Mathews." Alpha Harris said with a chuckle. "This will be a good test." He finished as Mathews took his spot in front of me. As the fight was about to begin a loud shout rang out from someone near the rear of the pack.

"Vampires!" Came a high pitched female voice just moments before I felt the air displace to my left. I twisted instantly to my left and brought my left hand up towards the intruders throat, catching him where he stood.

"Logan?" I heard the gasps come from the pack surrounding me which I a

ssume is because I was fast enough to actually catch a vampire right out of fliting, as I let go of his throat. "Why are you here?"

"Master." He began with a nod of his head. "Vampire“s approach from the west."

I glanced downwards and noticed he still had his torn suit on. "You need to get that replaced."

"Understood, sir." He replied with a nod. "But there are more pressing matters. The vampires that are coming are more powerful than what these wolves can handle. You may need to display more than you are willing."

"Great." I said sarcastically. "Alpha Harris." I spoke over the silence of the pack. "I suggest you take your pack inside now before any unnecessary deaths occur. I don“t know if I can ensure their safety in this fight."

"Nonsense." He said with a snort. "They are trained to fight vampires. They will be fine."

"I meant from me." I said as I turned west and waited for the Vampires to break the treeline. "And I implore you that what you and your pack see this day, should not be spoken about nor should there be any mention of my name."

"What are you talking about?" He asked just before the first vampire broke the treeline.

"Ah." The vampire let out with a smile. "Look at what we have here. Some dogs and a traitor." He said as his eyes landed on Logan. His eyes quickly darted to me as I began to walk forward. "And what is a puny dog going to do to us?" He asked as the rest of the vampires cleared the tree line.

My wolf was taking over. The anger and hatred I felt from him earlier held nothing against what I felt at this moment. It truly was frightening. But what struck me as odd was the fact that I could feel his emotions as if they were my own. As if we were becoming one entity.My wolf laughed with a deep frightful laugh. It sounded as if dozens of people laugh at the same time.

The sky began to cloud over covering the last of the stars in the sky. Lightning began to ripple across the surface of the clouds as my eyes began to slowly glow a bright red. Soon the lightning turned a bright red when my eyes did. The vampire“s stood in shock as half stared at the lightning and half stared at me.

Black smoke began to seep from my very essence and soon covered my entire body.


~~~ Alpha Harris - POV ~~~


Who does this boy think he is? I thought to myself. He is young enough to be my youngest son and he thinks he is strong enough to protect us? To protect me? I will show him.

I gave him a test to fight my best warriors to see if he could live up to the confidence he was displaying. He seemed eager to take the challenge to say the very least. It was becoming quite the day.

What I didn“t expect was a vampire fliting across my territory with tremendous speed until he stopped just to the left of this Michael. But what surprised me more was the fact that this Michael actually caught him. How the hell did he do that?

However, he let the vampire go. Why? Vampires and Werewolves have always been enemies. We always have been and always will. But, then why did he refer to Michael as Master. How is this possible? How did a vampire come to serve this puny, young pup that seemed weaker than most of the pack wolves? I mean if he had that many scars on his body, there was no way he could be a decent fighter.

Then the other Vampires arrived and what followed would give me nightmares. I never in my wildest dreams believed something like Michael could ever exist. It just couldn“t be possible. The sky clouded over with red lightning sprouting forth. Is Michael doing this? Can someone be this powerful?

Then black smoke began to surround Michael. What the hell is happening? Why is he smoking? What is this pounding I am hearing? It sounds as if heavy objects are falling to the earth. Then something same out of the smoke. Something that shouldn“t be possible.

It had the shape of a wolf but far larger. Bigger, even than that of the Werewolf King himself. But it didn“t have fur. It didn“t have hair. It was covered in smoke. Entirely of smoke. I could barely make out its actual form. I wonder what he looked like in the daytime.

Then a vampire charged Michael and what I witnessed made me glad that all the other pack wolves had already gone into the pack house. This was a slaughter. A bloodbath.

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