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   Chapter 3

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Hello human. A deep voice sounded within my head which caused me to flinch slightly. I knew a werewolves wolf could talk to the human side but I didn“t expect it to be so clear.

What do you want? I asked slightly irritated. In my defense, I wasn“t irritated at my wolf but rather the vampire who won“t stop following me around. Ever since I saved him from the vampires that were set on taking his life, he has followed me.

We will be together until one of us dies. Why not get to know each other? The voice sounded once more. He made logical sense but my irritation was still there. Then it clicked. Why am I feeling irritated? I have never felt this way in a very, very long time.

Again, what do you want? I asked. If he wanted to get to know each other why is he not introducing himself or at least start of a topic of conversation?

What“s your name? He asked.

You should know it already. You are my wolf. I replied as i rounded a tree. I have been stuck in my wolf form since I shifted two hours ago. Even thinking of my human shape hasn“t helped me shift back. Now I am just wondering the wilderness until I find a suitable place to settle down for the night.

It is better to introduce oneself. He said in a arrogant tone. Human“s in this day and age have no manners. He added quickly.

In what day and age? You are the same age as I am. I replied still irritated.

I am older than you by a few centuries. Never forget that boy. My wolf said in a deadly tone.

Come again? I asked still not believing in what I just heard.Why are you following me! I shouted at Logan, my vampire stalker.

"Be it that you saved my life." He said as if it meant everything. "My life is yours. I will serve you until I perish." He said with no hint of sarcasm.

Wait, what? I replied as I stopped and turned to look at him.

"I was a butler for the Cadeyrn family. Until Cadeyrn“s youngest son“s death, that is." He replied as he too stopped and his right hand clasp the outer of his left in front of him. "Now I will serve you. I am honour bound to serve you until I perish."

So I am not going to get rid of you then? I asked hoping I could. I needed space. I needed time to figure out why I am feeling things again. To figure out just what am I going to do with my life.

"No, sir." The man replied with a soft smile. "You“re stuck with me for quite a while."

Great. I responded as I turned and began walking. Where are we anyway?

"Alaska, sir." Logan replied. "I crossed over the Canadian border while trying to escape."

Who owns this land? I asked. I was tired. I didn“t want anymore hassles today like suddenly finding out I was trespassing on someone else“s land.

"Currently, we are in Alpha Harris Lockworth“s territory." Logan replied still following me. "It is a small but fairly strong pack. He also maintains peace with the local Werebear community."

Great. This should be fun.

"Sir." Logan said as something to his right caught his attention. I mean, it is a forest, something was bound to catch his attention. "I have found a pair of black jeans you can use if you shift back."

I“ve tried. It isn“t working. I responded slightly defeated.

"Ask your wolf. He will help you." Logan said trying to give me some support.

Hey, wolf. I said trying to contact my wolf.

I know. I know. But why do you want to turn back? My wolf said with a confused tone. We“re stronger in this form.

I need to shift back to human in case I need to converse with human“s. I said and I could feel my wolf“s reluctance. Do it. I ordered my wolf.

Fine. He said as he went quiet. Then I felt my body begin to tingle once more. Bones cracking, then snapping and the amended themselves. Luckily the shift this time went far quicker. only a minute or two. It was far less painful as well.

I stood on my own two feet as I stretched my back by arching it backwards. I lifted my face, directing it towards the heavens while I closed my eyes. It felt good t

o be back in my human form.

"You“re younger than I thought you“d be." Logan said as he swiftly handed me the pair of black jeans, which I took staring at him. Even now I am still cautious of this vampire.

"How old did you think I“d be?" I asked as I put on the jeans.

"Mid to late twenties, really." He replied honestly. "I was not expecting a teenager. Especially with scars like those." I guess he was referring to the scars that lay scattered across my back and shoulders. Although Werewolves heal faster than normal, if you are an unshifted wolf the scars will remain.

"Well." I began as I turned back around and began walking slightly irritated that he had to bring up my scars. "I wasn“t expecting a vampire servant."

"Yes, sir." He replied. This is going to take some getting use to.

We walked in silence for another half an hour before we came upon a large old abandoned mansion in a small clearing. A large amount of vines covered the outside of it. The front of the mansion had about four steps in a half moon shape that led up to the porch that had four Greek styled pillars. I could make out four different floors with eight windows on the ground floor and nine windows on other three.

I wonder why an old house like this would just be abandoned. Shouldn“t it at least be demolished or used as a architectural hotspot. Maybe a checkpoint for hikers.

"Logan." I asked and noticed him step up next to me on my right. "Any idea where the Alpha“s pack house is?"

"Should be just west of here. About ten to fifteen kilometers." He replied. "Why do you want you know?"

"I need to make my presence known. Maybe even get a job." I said as I walked closer to the house, inspecting it closely. "While I am gone, get this house clean. The furniture and other items can be dealt with later, but I want the outside and inside clean. I should be a day or two."

"Understood, sir." Logan replied. "It will be done."

"Do you need me to bring you some blood or something?" I asked as I turned to him. "I can“t expect you to work without a source of food at least."

"Very kind of you, sir." Logan replied. "I am fine with any type. I will also feed on some of the local wildlife, as it will be sustainable enough."

"Understood. Be back soon." I said as I turned west, which was just to the left of the house and began walking.

It took me just under two hours to reach the inner territory perimeter of Lockworth“s pack. I was met by four of the patrol wolves under his control. The one who was leading the patrol was just over six feet with a decent athletic build. He had short curly blonde hair and wore a pair of black Adidas gym shorts.

To his right was a shorter man with a shaved head and large bulky build. He too wore a pair of black Adidas gym shorts. The two to the left of the leader were at least a few inches taller and looked damn near identical. Just my luck to run into twins. They had short curly pale ginger hair and had thin but toned builds. Both wore dark blue Nike gym shorts. All four were shirtless, which I couldn“t complain about since I too stood there shirtless.

"State your business, Rogue." The leader said with a deadly tone.

"I wish to speak to your Alpha about permission to reside within his lands." I replied standing perfectly still as to not cause any panic within the men.

"Why would we do that for a Rogue?" The left twin said in a curious tone.

"Firstly, I hold no animosity towards this pack and how it deals with outsiders." I began looking towards the ginger twin. "Secondly, I am not a Rogue by choice. I was banished from my pack as my father found me less than normal."

"Only an Alpha can banish a wolf." The other twin said with the same curious tone. "Are you saying you“re an Alpha“s son?"

"Yes I am." I replied. "Can I speak to your Alpha or not?"

"He says he will speak to you. Follow us." The leader of the patrol said before he turned and began walking deeper into the territory.

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