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   Chapter 2

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"Michael." Rose gasped when she noticed me standing there and ran towards me. "They want me to reject you."

"I know." I said not hugging her back. I never understood the concept of hugs. It always looked odd to me. "I heard."

"They can“t make me do this." She said into my chest while holding the back of my shirt tightly.

"They are the Alphas." I replied logically. "They can do what they want. And they have ordered you to reject me." I said as I felt her hands let go of my shirt before she took a few steps away from me. I looked up at Alpha Murray when I noticed the look of confusion on his face. "Is something the matter, Alpha?" I asked politely.

"Why are you taking this so peacefully?" He replied before anger began to seep into his voice. "I have ordered my daughter, your Mate, to reject you and you just stand there as if nothing has happened."

"He has no emotions." Rose replied for me.

"True." I responded still looking at the Alpha. "I am assuming that is why I don“t feel the Mate bond or the Alpha bonds for that matter." I said with a small smile.

"What?" The Alpha said in disbelief. "How is this possible?"

"I am what they made made to be." I replied with a bow of my head.

"And who are they?" The Alpha pressed cautiously.

"No one, sir." I replied with a smile. I knew the rules. I don“t talk about what the pack does to me. Period. That is my law around here. And I dare not disobey it.

"That“s it. Rose." He said as he turned to look at his daughter to his right. "Reject this abomination now and prepare to marry Hayden. That“s an order."

"Please, father." She began to beg. "You can“t make me do this."

"I can and I will. I cannot have my daughter, an Alpha“s daughter mate, with something like that." He gestured towards me as if I disgusted him. She turned to me with eyes full of sadness. She wanted me to do something.

"Michael, please." She begged me. "Do something. Don“t let them take you from me."

"Its an order Rose. You best follow it." I replied as my curiosity took over. "I wonder what its like to be rejected? Maybe I will find out what the council has kept hidden all these years. It might be fun."

"Fun?" She said in disbelief. "Rejection is fun? Don“t you want to be with me?"

"It wouldn“t matter much to me anyway. Only you will feel the Mate bond. Regardless, I must admit, this bond you feel has me curious. What does feel like? Has it changed you?"

"He can“t be serious." Alpha Murray“s Luna, Rose“s mother, Natalie, said with a soft gasp. "How can he even ask such a thing with a straight face."

"No emotions, ma“am." I replied to her with a nod of my head. "It comes in handy sometimes. Rose." I said as I turned to her. "You might want to reject me now. I can see the Alpha“s becoming slightly agitated at all this talking."

"Michael, please." She begged.

"Enough Rose." Hayden exclaimed. "Reject the freak and come rule at my side where you belong."

"He“s your brother. How can you say something like that?" She asked in disbelief as she took a side step closer to me.

"He is not my brother." Hayden said with disgust dripping off every word. "I am the next Alpha. He is nothing." Rose ignored the last bit and turned to me.

"You really want to do this?" She asked with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Its an order, Rose. You can“t just ignore that." I said as I stood up straighter in front of her. "Don“t worry about me. I“ll be fine."

"I“m sorry." She said as she wiped her tears from her cheeks. "I, Rose O“Brien, Alpha daughter to the Limerock pack, reject my mate, Michael Hayes, Alpha son to the Greystone pack." Suddenly she clutched her chest as I am assuming the pain of rejection is currently breaking the bond. I just stared at her in fascination.

"Michael." My father said as he came to stand to my right. "You are banished from this pack. Leave now."

"Understood, sir." I said as I turned to Rose. "It will get better. Soon you will forget about me and you will live the life you deserve."

Rose brought up her left hand still trying to act strong and caressed my right cheek. Since I was a few inches taller than her she ended up pulling my face down to meet hers. Our lips touched and again I felt a slight pain in my chest. What is happening to me? I thought to myself. This is getting really weird. She broke the kiss soon after and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Just know I will always love you." She said as she dropped her hand and quickly walked out of the dining room and up the stairs to the left of the dining room taking her to the first floor.

"Well." I said as I regained my composure from my previous confusion. "I guess it“s my time to leave then. Goodbye, mother, father." I said with a slight bow of my head. "Goodbye brother. Alpha Murray, Luna Natalie. It was a pleasure meeting you." I said just before I turned and made my way out of the house. I wasn“t going to take anything as I barely had anything to take.

I entered the dense forest that surrounded the pack house and began to run. I pushed myself to my limits and after a few hours of running I found myself not as tired as I thought I would be. I have never had decent stamina and yet here I am sprinting for hours on end. Something is definitely wrong to me.

Suddenly I felt pain throughout my entire body. Something is happening to me.

It feels as if my body is breaking into thousands of pieces. I heard loud cracks as my left arm flailed outwards. Then again with my right arm. Holy shot! I thought to myself. I“m shifting. But why now? It is long overdue.

Rolling on the floor I felt the rest of my body snapping and being put back together. The pain I felt had me more worried than anything in my life so far. I have seen werewolves shift for the first time and they have never been in this much pain. What is happening to me?

I was currently passing my twentieth minute of shifting and still with the amount of pain I was feeling I still haven“t passed out. I wasn“t even able to endure this much from my own pack. Why now? Then I heard shouts from behind me.

I slowly lifted my head as more pain shot through me as I found the source of the shouts. A well built man in a shredded well tailored black suit came barreling through the forest towards me. He made it within twelve meters before three other men caught up to him. Oddly enough they didn“t have weapons. They were all bare handed. How did they shred this mans clothes with nothing?

I took a closer look at the man and saw his was very well built though his suit helped to hide the fact. He had short slightly curled hair and a sharp rough jawline. His thin set lips gave his face an eloquent feel to it. Even I had to admit this man was handsome. But what caught my attention the most was his eyes. They were bright purple. Oh shit! I thought to myself. Vampire.

What is a vampire doing here? Why is he running from others? Shouldn“t he be the one chasing? Shouldn“t he be the predator and not the prey?

"You can“t hide from us, Logan." One the men chasing said in a deep voice. "We will always find you and we will kill you!" He shouted as he managed to quickly catch up to the man running away, tackling him to the floor.

"Finally." Another of the men said as he breathed out deeply. "That was quite the workout you gave us there, Logan."

"Stop talking and finish this." The third man said. He must have been the leader as the other two looked up at him and immediately they went quiet. It was odd that the three men were all wearing dark suits as if they were attending a ball or some sort of function.

"Please, don“t." The man known as Logan begged as he struggled to get out of the man“s grasp. "I didn“t do it. I“ve been framed."

"We know." The second man in the dark navy blue suit with a dark purple tie said with a laugh. "But the bosses need someone to blame and we need a scapegoat."

"Hey guys." The first man still holding down Logan said as he finally noticed my sprawled out position. "Look at this. A poor little mutt during a shift." He laughed.

"Looks like his first shift." The third man said with a laugh. I screamed in pain once more as my back broke and put itself back together.

"Ooh. Looks painful." The second man said as he began to walk closer to me. My vision began to blur and a red tinge took over.

Suddenly I was on the other side of the small clearing with the vampire“s head rolling in front of me before it quickly crumbled into ash.

"What the hell?" The first man said as he quickly got up. "What just happened? Alexander did you see anything?"

"The mutt did it." Alexander, the leader of the small group of vampire“s said. "Impressive speed there, mutt. But you still can“t beat us. We are stronger than Henry." He said in a snarl as the first man lunged towards with great speed yet it still seemed slow to me. My left leg snapped as i pushed off the ground and thrust my half transformed claw hand into the chest of the man ripping out his heart. He too turned to dust.

I felt my bones snap and amend in quick succession yet it wasn“t as painful. It seems my shift is coming to an end. My body had shaped itself into the form of a very large werewolf yet no fur sprouted, rather, my skin, had discoloured itself into a dark black colour.

I stalked around the leader of the vampire“s as he let out a laugh. He turned with greater speed than the other vampire“s as he tried to make an attempt to run away. With my own speed I sped until I stood in front of his cutting off his escape. He tried again to the left and again I stopped him. To an outsider it looked as if I was toying with the vampire.

"What the hell are you?" The vampire said as he finally realized that this is a fight he would never win. I lunged for him aiming for his throat. I was quick enough to take him off guard but overestimated the speed i used as he was able to twist out of the way at the last second.

I spun to my left in midair swinging my paws outwards severing his left arm from his body. the vampire screamed in pain as I landed and quickly spun around. This time I used enough speed and attacked his throat. With a powerful pull, I ripped out his throat as watched as he turned to dust.

I stood still as I began to feel a slight tingling feeling throughout my body. Instead of fur sprouting a dark black smoke formed around my body covering head to tail. My eyes shone a bright red through the small covering of smoke. I turned to the vampire with the shredded suit.

You“re free. Go now. I said to Logan as I turned to walk away.

"What the-" Logan began as he quickly stood up and cut himself off. "I mean, thank you. And no. I am not leaving. I owe you my life"

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