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   Chapter 25

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~~~ One Year Later ~~~


It has been a long year for Malachi and Ashlynn.

Since the night of Lucas“s death, everything was in turmoil. What made it worse was the fact that the King had died during the fight. This opened up the position. A position that the Queen wanted. She wanted the power to herself. She wanted the power to take down Malachi and Ashlynn.

Her anger at the loss of her Beloved outshone the fact that Ashlynn had found hers. Even more so than the fact that her daughters Beloved was now one of the most powerful being that currently walked the face of the earth.

However her fight for the crown was a losing one. The rest of the vampiric kingdom wanted Malachi and Ashlynn to reign supreme. They knew of the power that Malachi held at his fingertips and they knew that if needed, he would protect his own. This fact alone, left the former Queen in the losing side.

"Do I really have to do this?" Malachi asked Ashlynn as he stared into the full length mirror, admiring his pitch black suit and black shirt and tie. He was nervous to say the least due to the fact that he was going to reigned in as the King and at the same time Ashlynn, the Queen.

"Of course you do." Ashlynn chuckle softly as she exited the bathroom and into the room. Since they had decided to move back to the mansion where Malachi was turned, they had made this the new royal house. The castle was in ruins after Lucas“s father had come for his son“s body and without Malachi or Ashlynn being there, he went all out.

Malachi turned to Ashlynn with a smile on his face as his green eyes lit up. She was wearing and elegant dark blue long sleeved dress that hugged her figure with perfection. The dark red multi gemed necklace around her neck gave her a high class aura. Her red hair straightened and braided, hung down her back, reaching her buttocks. The sides of her hair braided and tied backwards, keeping the hair from her face.

"You look stunning." Malachi said as his eyes shone brighter, betraying the lust he felt for her at that moment.

"We have a coronation to get

Malachi will protect us."

"Fine." Malachi mocked whined as he pulled Ashlynn into a hug. He kissed her softly as both he and Ashlynn returned to the party, following Haylie to the open bar.

When the party was over, Malachi held Ashlynn in his arms at the foot of the bed where they shared their first precious memories. It was at this point that he knew that he would not let her go for anything.

He stared into her eyes with loving affection. Her eyes reflecting the same.

He kissed her softly before the gazes met once more.

"We really should get married." He told her with a smirk. "And no declining this time." He added which illicited a chuckle from Ashlynn.

"Fine, but only after one more year." She said as she pecked his lips softly. "We have to settle in first."

Malachi slowly shifted to his knees as his hands found Ashlynn“s protruding belly. He felt whole at this moment. With his child growing in his Beloved“s belly.

He leaned closer and whispered softly.

"Hurry up, baby girl." He continued to whisper lovingly. "I really want to meet you."

He rose to his feet and wrapped his arms around Ashlynn, holding her carefully.

"I love you, Red." He said with soft smile as he gazed into her eyes.

"I love you too." She replied as she found herself becoming lost in his eyes. "This was really worth the wait." She said softly before leaning forward and capturing his lips with hers.

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