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   Chapter 24

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"Gertrude, is it true what you said?" Gretta asked the old witch as she continued to sit by Haylie“s side. "Is Malachi really such a monster?"

"Monster, huh?" Gertrude said with a soft chuckle. "That“s quite a relative term isn“t it? A monster is only a monster if there is someone to fear it. Malachi is merely a being with immense power. How it will be perceived by those around him, will determine what he is called."

"How do you know that he will not go on a rampage and destroy everything?" Gretta asked as her gaze met Gertrude“s.

"As long as Ashlynn is by his side, it should be fine." Gertrude said with a serious tone. "I sincerely hope so." Gertrude suddenly looked up towards the ceiling with a curious expression. Something didn“t seem right to her. It felt as something bad was filling the air. "Something“s wrong. Stay here." She ordered Gretta as she teleported to the castle yard.

The rain that continuously fell earlier was now dying down but the dark clouds remained high in the sky.

Gertrude“s gaze fell upon the crying Ashlynn who was kneeling beside the limp body of Malachi. She kept pushing against his chest pleading, begging for him to wake up. But to no avail.

Gertrude stood still in shock. How could this happen? How could someone like Malachi be dead? How could he be out powered? Her gaze shifted to Lucas who had backed up a feet paces but still looked down upon Mal“s unmoving body. Why is he here? Gertrude thought to herself. It is odd for the royals to be messing around with that family. She turned her gaze towards Ashlynn once more and quickly made her way over to her. She knelt down beside her and rested her right hand on Ashlynn“s back.

"You need to feed him your blood." Gertrude told her sternly. "It is the only way you can save him."

"What?" Ashlynn turned to Gertrude with a blood-tear stained face. She looked distraught. TO Gertrude, she could understand why. Ashlynn had just lost her Beloved without the knowledge that he may be able to be saved.

"Feed him your blood. It is the only thing that will save him. Remember, I told you that you two are linked. Because you made him, you can save him." Ashlynn seemed to be getting what Gertrude was saying as she slowly shifted her gaze back to Mal“s body.

She brought her right arm to her lips and bit down, removing some of her flesh. She moved her now leaking arm to Mal“s lips and allowed the blood to pour down his throat.

They waited for a minute as the blood seemed to have no effect, but Ashlynn was not giving up. Suddenly she let out a shriek as she was pulled backwards. Lucas had a fistful of her hair as he dragged her backwards, as she screamed in pain.

He managed to pull her a few meters yet Gertrude“s gaze never left Mal“s body. She was enamoured with the what was happening to it. It seemed as if there was thousands of bugs underneath his skin as they all crawled their way to the would. All she saw was the indentations on his skin.

"Now there is nothing stopping you from continuing with this marriage." Lucas said with a distinct evil tone in his voice. He seemed excited at the fact that he had beaten Mal.

"Please let me go." Ashlynn pleaded. She tried to get away from him but he was too strong.

"Now why would I do that? We have a wedding to get to." He lau

him. The shadow spikes seemed to be coming from the base of the wings instead of the shadows themselves.

The shadow spikes pushing back the flames as Lucas let out a loud shout pouring in the last of his power into his attack making the column of flames larger.

The shadow didn“t even budge before they began to push back, completely eliminating the fires advance. The shadow spike pushed back until it was barely a few centimeters from Lucas“s hands. They then shot outwards before curving around the wall of fire.

As the first spike pierced through Lucas“s left shoulder the fire immediately ceased. A shocked expression on Lucas“s face betrayed the fear he currently felt.

The rest of the shadow spikes, totalling twenty seven, all found their target. Each one buried themselves deep within Lucas“s torso, some even shooting through his body and out the back.

Lucas“s body spasmed slightly as the life left his eyes. His body fell limp as the shadow spikes pulled free of Lucas“s body allowing him to fall to the castle yard below.

His body landed with a loud thud as Malachi stared down at his fallen enemy. Lightning erupted behind him illuminated the sky with light.

His gaze found Ashlynn“s as she stared up at him in awe. He slowly descended to the ground below with his wings flapping softly.

As he touched down his gaze still did not leave hers. He watched her intently. The wings behind his back wrapped around his form as they began to recede into the shadows surrounding him before disappearing completely. His bright green eyes seemed to watched Ashlynn“s every movement as she slowly made her way over to him.

As she neared, she suddenly burst into a run and lunged herself into his arms. They instinctively wrapped themselves around her as Malachi let her hug him tightly. He remembered everything yet he was afraid he was going to hurt her.

With his newfound strength, he needed to keep himself in check. He had to make conscious decisions as to not harm her.

Ashlynn lifted her gaze and met his. Her eyes watching his before they slowly began to lower to his lips. Lips which now held a soft smile.

"Finally." Ashlynn let out softly before she took what was hers.

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