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   Chapter 22

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Ashlynn handed Haylie“s unconscious body to Gretta who quickly appeared by her side. She ensured that the unconscious girl was safe before she turned towards the hallway in order to make her way to Mal. However, it didn“t go as she planned.

A tight grasp wrapped itself around her right arm stopping her in her tracks. She turned to her right and found a very angry looking Lucas. She could see the fire of his anger within his dark eyes.

"Where do you think you are going?" He let out trying to control his anger. Which Ashlynn found was almost on par with Mal“s. The anger she saw within her Beloved a few months ago made a permanent mark within her mind. To think that someone else could rival it, was very worrisome.

"I need to go to him." She told him honestly. She felt her own anger rising but it could not compare with Lucas.

"No, your not." He said as he shoved her behind him towards her father. He turned to look at her father and as their gazes locked, he spoke. "Keep her away. I will deal with this little hiccup." He then turned to leave.

Meanwhile, Mal stood watchful as the numerous vampire guards began to exit the castle and make their way over to him. They stood in front of him in a half moon.

He noticed all of them wearing the same black suit, crisp white buttoned shirt, with a thin black tie. All wore sunglasses, which to be honest, confused him slightly. They are vampires. Why would they need glasses?

"Give her back to me." He repeated as a loud thunderous crack sounded out above them. A large lightning bolt ripple across the entire sky, illuminating the earth in a bright light.

The guards watched him with emotionless expressions as they slowly began to fan out.

Mal“s anger began to rise when they refused to return his Beloved. It would seem that they would knowingly keep the two apart. Keep two Beloved apart, for a pathetic reason such as theirs.

His eyes began to glow brighter as the heat began to give off some smoke. He noticed the guards become uncertain as they watched something before them that they had no knowledge of. He slowly began to walk towards them as his anger began to manifest into lightning.

It rippled around his arms as stray bolts struck the ground. To give the guards credit, they didn“t falter. They may have had fear cross their faces but they never gave up any ground.

A few decided to rush towards Mal with angry expressions. Their speed was noteworthy but yet, they were not on Mal“s level. To him they were still very slow. His eyes could track their every movement. He flexed his arms slightly as the lightning shot outwards, hitting the rushing vampires in their chest. Throwing them backwards into their comrades.

He looked up at the remaining guards and found more than thirty or forty standing around. That seemed to be all of them as no more came out of the castle.

He sped to the closest vampire and grabbed him by the back of his neck. He spun him around so his back was facing to Mal. Mal sunk his fangs into the vampire and drank his fill before throwing the drained body in front of the rest.

The rest of the guards

gh power into the kick to rattle his brain. Lucas managed to dodge it by twisting his body the left. The impact of the kick sent small shock waves from Mal“s foot that knocked Lucas“s head slightly.

He took a few steps back to regain his composure when Mal twisted and aimed another kick at the egotistical blondes chest. This time he managed to connect the attack. The blonde shot backwards in the castle wall as it cracked under the impact.

Lucas fell to the ground as he came to a kneeling position trying to catch his breath. He lifted his head as he found Mal“s foot dangerously close to his head. Another attack so soon. He thought that he had finally met someone who fought the same way he did. Not giving a second thought before attacking your enemy. Even if your enemy is at a disadvantage.

Lucas smiled as he felt his power wash through his body. His left hand shot up and caught Mal“s boot and held it in place. He used his power to pull Mal towards him before flinging him into the castle wall beside him. The wall crumbled beneath the impact. Still holding onto Mal“s foot he dragged Mal out of the rubble and into the open. He pulled Mal up with the intent to throw him into the air, but as soon as Mal reached chest height, Lucas brought his right arm down and punched Mal in the chest.

Mal fell to the ground with enough impact to crack the earth beneath him.

Lucas took a few steps back from Mal as he noticed the lightning beginning to ripple itself around his body. He kept his own power at the surface waiting to let it loose.

Mal shot to his feet instantly as the skin on his chest showed the impact of the punch. His skin was cut open in a large hole showing his flesh. It began to quickly heal as he let the lightning burst outwards toward Lucas. A bolt with the width of baseball shot towards Lucas“s chest.

A wall of fire burst forth from Lucas as it wrapped itself around Mal“s lightning. Nullifying it into nothing.

Mal“s eyes widened when Lucas“s form came back into view.

"This fight is far from over." Lucas said while chuckling evilly.

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