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   Chapter 21

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~~~ No POV ~~~


Malachi ran faster than anytime he did before. He used every bit of power within his body and used it to increase his speed. He ran across the country in mere minutes until he came upon the shore of north Carolina. Crystal Coast to be exact.

He stopped as he overlooked the ocean before him. He now knew that Ashlynn, his Beloved, was in Romania. Now he just needed a way to get there. His right hand come up to his throat as he rubbed it slightly. His hunger was growing and he would need to sate it soon.

He lifted his head as took in a deep sniff. Filtering out the overabundance of the salt in the air, he found what he was looking for. The soft scent of vampire blood. Even here he found some. They sure do get around. But he knew that he had to be quick. He couldn“t waste time with this needless act.

He ran through the towns, and then to the cities. He killed any and all vampires that crossed his path.As well as the ones he went out to find. Just over two hours later, he killed over six hundred and nineteen vampires. Now he stood within the basement to a high school looking at the last vampire within the next ten miles.

This vampire was older than the rest. Smarter. Stronger. But so was Malachi. He knew that he would win eventually. But he couldn“t shake the feeling that this vampire standing in front of him, in a dark blue suit and white tie with a light blue tie around his neck, had something more to him than at first expected.

Malachi stood watching the older vampire taking note of the slight grey touching his temples. The soft wrinkles now lining the vampires forehead.

"So you are the Scourge of Vampires?" The older man said as if amused by the title that the vampires seemed to have for Malachi. It has only been two hours before he began his annihilation but still the name got around. "You are more than I expected. I assumed it would be an Elder, but you? You are barely out of the newborn stage. A child compared to me."

"Doesn“t matter." Malachi said with a hiss to his voice. He felt the anger well within him and he knew that feeding off this vampire would take his powers to knew heights. He was concerned at how he knew that, but at that moment he knew, it wasn“t the time for such thoughts.

"Oh, but it does." The older vampire said with a laugh. "You are a vampire, yet you kill and feed off your own kind." His laugh stopped and his expression adopted a more confused one. "But then again, you aren“t just a vampire, are you?"

"I don“t know what I am." Malachi told him as he took a step forward, indicating his willingness to get this over. But something stopped him. It wasn“t fear towards the older vampire, but rather an unwillingness to kill someone that might hold information as to what he was.

"Good." The older vampire said with a chuckle. "It means the Archivers have done their jobs well."

"Enough!" Malachi said as he knew that time was running out. He needed to end things now and head towards Ashlynn. He needed her by his side and he would not let this vampire stand in his way. Regardless if he only brought more questions than answers.

Malachi lunged for the older vampire who seemed taken aback by the amount of speed Malachi possessed. A worried look appeared on his face as he dodged to the right, using his own impressive speed. But he was not fast enough.

Malachi zoomed past him until he came up behind the older vampire. He punched the vampire in the lower back causing his to fly into the wall opposite them. The wall cracked under t

need for blood and his depleted source, it was far too slow.

Malachi walked up to him and knelt down. He cast an anger filled gaze to the older vampire.

"Just know, you were my hardest fight." Malachi said before grabbing the vampires shoulders and sinking his fangs into his neck, draining him of every last drop of blood.

As he let the drained lifeless husk that was the older vampire fall to the floor, he felt power wash over him as he knew that he had slightly awakened. That puma was right. He is different.

He sped out of the school building and towards the surface. He looked down at his torn shirt and decided to discard it. Along with his trench coat. He now only stood there in his black jeans and black combat boots he found from one of his victims.

His mind raced towards the fact that Ashlynn was still in Romania, and that she was about to get married. He sped to the coastline once more and knowing that he has now awakened he let his anger take hold of his very essence.

Dark clouds covered the entire sky threatening to let rain fall to the earth. Malachi converted his entire being into electricity and merged with the lightning in the clouds. His anger growing to new heights as his eyes burned from the bright green that took hold of his irises.

As he flew through the clouds, aided by his newly formed electricity/lightning power, he hoped he was in time.

He found his location as his bond with Ashlynn beat in his head. He used it to find her exact location and was greatly thankful that is finally worked.

When he found the location he was looking for his anger double when he realised that the vampires there were there for a wedding. An intense rain began to fall from the clouds as if matching his anger.

He found a large yard near a very impressive castle, The clouds covering all sunlight from hitting the earth. Even though it was close to evening, sunlight still harmed the other vampires.

The rain fell to the ground as Malachi willed the lightning to strike down on the large yard, taking himself with it.

He hit the earth with a loud thud as the loud crackle of thunder emanated outwards. As the lightning faded, he found himself standing in the rain gazing at the confused faces of a few vampire guards that stood near a large set of thick glass doors.

"Give her back." He said with power as the guards rushed towards him.

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