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   Chapter 20

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I walked past Gareth up the basement steps as I let my mind wonder over the events of today. The two main things I thought about was the fact that I killed Jonas as well as the fact that Gareth“s blood did not pique my hunger. I was only interested in the vampires blood.

"Mal!" Gareth repeated my name again as he rushed up behind me. "What the hell happened?" He sounded rather angry at the fact that I was there.

"I don“t know." I told him as I continued down the hallway of the house until I was near the front door. I reached for the handle before a hand shot up and affixed itself to the door, keeping it closed.

"Why the hell are you going to walk into daylight?" Gareth almost shouted as he tried to shove me aside, only to fail.

"What?" I asked as I turned my head to face him.

"Daylight kills vampires." Gareth repeated sounding like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Doesn“t matter to me." I told him as I pulled the door open, proving his attempts to obstruct me as useless.

He let out a gasp as I walked into the sunlight yet did not immediately catch alight. He stood motionless as his eyes followed my movements. I took a sniff in the air only to be disappointed in not finding Ashlynn“s scent. Of course I wouldn“t.

"Explain." He said as if trying to order me to answer him. Instantly my anger returned. I don“t know why but the disrespect he was showing me really ticked me off.

"I do not answer to you." I told him as I turned to face him.

I kept my gaze on his until he broke the stare. It was a childish way of proving ones dominance, but it worked nonetheless. I watched as he brought his right hand to the back of his neck and rubbed it slightly.

"Explain why you are here." I told his a I kept my stance facing him and placed a scowl on my face.

"I already have." Gareth said as he thrust his right hand out gesturing to me.

"You said that you are a vampire hunter and that you came here to kill them." I said as I took a step towards him causing him to pale slightly. "But how long have you been a hunter? Why aren“t you looking after the store? How did you even get here?" I shot off questions and then waited for a reply, keeping my gaze on his.

"I was born a hunter." He began as he gestured for me to follow him to a car. A pitch black charger with black rims and tinted windows. "A Blood Hunter to be exact."

"What“s a Blood Hunter?" I asked slightly intrigued by the term.

"A natural hunter. We are born faster, stronger, and smarter than our counterparts. We are born to hunt vampires." He said as we came upon the car. "I am one of the few that remains. And this is what I do. As to the cafe, its my “day job“ per say. My cover. An associate of mine is looking after it at the moment hence why I can be here."

"Interesting." I said out loud and opened the passenger door to the charger. I got in at the same time as Gareth before I asked my next question. "Do you know where Ashlynn is?" Hoping he did.

"She“s missing?" He asked with concern filling his voice. "For h

erably. Then all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice. A voice I have heard in months.

"What are we going to do, Gareth?" Haylie“s voice came through the kitchen door. Why is she here?

"I don“t know if there is anything we can do. Mal is gone and then this whole thing had to happen." I heard Gareth reply. Why did he say I was gone? He was the one that told me to remain here. What is happening?

"But Ashlynn is getting ma-" Haylie began but Gareth cut her off. What was she trying to say? What is Gareth trying to keep hidden from me? Does he know where Ashlynn is?

"Don“t you think I know that." Gareth said a little loud. He sounded as if he was anxious about something. "But it is her mess and she needs to clean it up. We cannot get in the way of royals. Regardless if I am a Blood Hunter or not." He has to know where she is. The way he is speaking and the things he is saying, it just has to be true. He has been keeping her location from me.

"But she needs our help." Haylie said trying to convince Gareth. My mind began to wonder to the betrayal I felt against Gareth. But their conversation continued to reach my ears.

"She is a royal and she has Gretta with her. She will be fine." Who the hell is Gretta? Gareth has to know something.

"But Gretta is not strong enough to protect her. She is a mere Head of Staff. She can“t go against the royals!" Haylie shouted which made me really curious as to who this Gretta was.

"She will have to make due." Gareth said which made my hopes and trust in him falter. "We all do."

"Forget making due." Haylie shouted once more. "Ashlynn is getting married today against her will and you won“t do a damn thing about it." At the mention of that, my fangs grew and bit into my own lips. A stream of blood began to fall from my bottom lip. Streaming down my chin. I felt my veins run cold as my anger flared. I opened the kitchen door slowly and exited.

They know where she is. My mind swirled with the same thought. And she going to tell me exactly where to find her.

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