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   Chapter 19

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~~~ Malachi POV ~~~


The hunger when I awoke was far beyond my capabilities. I had an inkling as to what the feeling inside me meant but I couldn“t top myself from filling it. All I wanted was to feed. When my eyes fell upon Jonas, I watched as he stilled. I watched as he begged for me to stop, but I could not.

It was as if I could see where the major veins in his body was. I was drawn to either side of his neck, the inside of his thighs, as well as his wrists. All I wanted was the blood that slowly moved through his evolved veins.

No matter how much I tried to stop myself, I couldn“t. I had no control. No control over what my hunger was telling me. It didn“t occur to me that Jonas isn“t the one I should feed off of. He was a vampire, yet all I wanted was his blood and no one else“s.

Before I could stop myself, I had already launched myself at him. I couldn“t help but feel slightly happy when he dodged me. He was quick. He needed to be. But the difference in our speeds was far too close. He had only barely managed to dodge my grasp and the fear that covered his face made the beast inside me hungry for more. He liked the challenge. But he like winning more.

I felt my bloodlust grow and grow until my vision turned a slight green. What little control I thought I had over my own body, I now knew I had nothing. My body was moving by instinct and nothing more.

Jonas managed to dodge my attempts at grabbing a hold of him. Although his speed helped him, I still managed to keep him from the stairs that led out of the basement. I wanted to feed and I would not let this chance go.

I felt power wash over me as I was nearing the peak of my bloodlust. I could feel my muscles tensing as I lunged at Jonas one last time. As he dodged to his left I shot my right hand out grabbing his arm. Holding him in place. I squeezed hard, snapping his arm just underneath his bicep.

He grunted at the snap of his bone as he twisted around, bringing his left arm towards my head. I let go of his right arm and using the momentum, I smashed my right hand into his left forearm. Twisting my body in the process, I brought up my left arm and plunged it into his chest, just below his heart. Jonas tried to stagger back but with his chest around my arm, it became impossible.

I smiled darkly as I opened my mouth, feeling my fangs elongate even more. I plunged my fangs into Jonas“s neck I felt as the coagulated blood began to pour out of the wound and into my mouth. I was so ecstatic at filling some of my hunger that I completely skipped over the fact that his blood did no smoothen. Not like when Ash bit her arm.

Ash! I thought to myself quickly as I let Jonas drop. His body hitting the floor in a dead heap.

I heard the thud before I looked down and saw Jonas. He looked far paler than he should have. What is Ashlynn going to say? Will she hate me? I rushed up the stairs as I felt control return t

e ground as the green from my vision began to reduce greatly, until my vision was back to normal.

"Mal?" I heard a familiar voice coming from my right, near the basement stairs.

I quickly turned my head to look at the person who just stole my kill, wondering who was brave enough. But what I saw confused me a little. Gareth stood there in black jeans and a black zipped up jacket. He held a large pistol in his right hand that looked to have a suppressor on it. How did I not hear that?

"Gareth?" I said softly as I regarded him with a confused expression. "Why are you here?"

"It“s my job." He said with a serious tone. "I hunt vampires and kill them." He indicated to the two he had just shot.

"You took my prey." I told him as my anger flustered slightly.

"What do you mean?" He said slightly confused.

I turned to my left when I noticed that the two vampires were twitching. They were beginning to heal. I sped over to the one of the right and lifted him up by the collar of his shirt. As I brought him within reach of my mouth, I sank my fangs into his neck. Draining him dry in mere seconds. The one on the left was now on his knees as the wound on the side of his head had already begun to heal.

I grabbed his shoulder shattering the bone beneath my grip. He grunted in pain as his strength left him. I pulled him over to the two female bodies and ensured his head faced them. I wanted him to see them as I asked my question.

"Why?" I asked him lacing my voice with as much venom as I could muster.

"Why not?" The vampire laughed as he regarded the two dead bodies in front of him. He seemed proud. He seemed to relish in reliving the memories of what he and his friends did. "It was so much fun. The way they screamed when we took what we wanted. It was amaz-" He was cut off by my fangs in his neck.

I threw his body to the side as I turned to face Gareth.

"It can“t be." Gareth let slip as heholstered his pistol on his right leg holster.

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