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   Chapter 18

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There is no way that what she is saying could be the truth. There just can“t be. Malachi is dead. I know it. I saw him die. I felt him die. There is no way he could survive that. Even with my blood. Even with the turning.

"Mistress Gertrude said I should give you this." Haylie began as her witch mixed with siren blood began to heal her wounds slowly. She raised her right hand to my temple and gently pressed her fingertips to my skin. "She said it would clear a few things up for you."

Suddenly a barrage of images flashed in front of my eyes as I felt my consciousness being hammered with the amount of knowledge trying to weavel its way into my mind. I opened the floodgates that stopped the new knowledge. The pain that erupted within my head came forth like a bullet from a gun. It was damn near instant.

My vision began to blur until I found my self dragging a dead Malachi down basement steps. Why would I be doing this? Why would I treat him as such?

I glanced down at the hands that pulled him and noticed the shirt and gold Rolex that Jonas always wore. How could I be living his memories? Isn“t he supposed to be dead? Isn“t he supposed to be drained of blood?

But then again, if I am watching this, does that mean I will find out how and why this has happened to him?

I let the memory take over my body as I began to feel what Jonas felt. The tug of the body as it fell step by step. The unknowing flooding through his mind as he watched Malachi“s falling body.

As he managed to drag Malachi into the center of the basement he stood and took a few steps back. He watched Malachi with the eyes of hawk. As if waiting for something to happen. As that though crossed my mind, Malachi“s body arched up as if being possessed. His eyes shot open and the same bright green from all those months ago shone brightly once more.

What the hell is happening? I thought to myself. Isn“t he supposed to be dead? How can his body move?

"Wake up, Malachi." Jonas said in a bored tone as he watched Malachi squirm beneath him. It was at this point I found that Malachi was still not awake. He was still unconscious. It was his body that activated without the mind.

Suddenly a deep breath was drawn between his lips as his arms shot outwards. I quickly flipped to his stomach, using his hands to keep him elevated. He seemed a feral animal in search of prey. Like something was a threat to him. His eyes landed on Jonas as Jonas took a step back. He was actually afraid.

"Malachi, stop." Jonas tried to reason with him. "This isn“t you. It“s the hunger. Please control it." Jonas pleaded as he took slow steps back with Mal“s watchful eyes following his every step.

Suddenly Mal lunged toward Jonas with frightening speed. Speed I have only seen my father capable of. But the knowledge of what was happening was still flowing around Jonas“s head. My head. I knew what was happening. But how is it possible. There has never been a recorded case such as this.

How does Mal have an affinity for vampire blood. Vampires feed off human blood and human blood alone. Nothing else. Yet Mal is. He was attracted by the smell of Jonas“s blood and newb

peared above it.

"That is what he eats." Gareth said. "Mal isn“t like other vampires. He doesn“t prey on humans but on vampires."

"Impossible." Haylie replied before the blue energy slightly shimmered.

"Haylie? Why are you calling me?" An old voice came from the energy.

"Mistress, we may have a slight problem." Haylie began and now I am assuming this mistress is the same mistress Gertrude that she mentioned earlier.

"You mean like all the vampire“s disappearing within your quadrant?" The old voice replied amused. "You are supposed to watch, not exterminate." A deep chuckle erupted from the orb.

"Wait, what?" Haylie replied then it dawned on her that she has not seen a vampire for the last month. It was as if they just packed up and left. Migrated to another town.

"Your quadrant has no more vampires." The old lady said once more. "Did you not notice? You are slipping there, Haylie."

"Nevertheless." Haylie said as if trying to brush off the matter. She spat another mouthful of blood out as she leaned back into the chair. "We have another problem."

"What is it now?" The old voice came through sounding a little bored.

"We have a vampire here that feeds off other vampires. Crazy right?" Haylie chuckled as she sent the information through. After a minute, no answer was given. "Mistress? You still there?"

"Not again!" Came the old woman“s voice in a shout. "Haylie, listen to me. I need you to do something."

Suddenly my vision blurred once more as the pain of the knowledge left my head. I found myself staring into the wedding attendants eyes before I blinked a few times and looked down. Haylie was still healing but very slowly.

"How is this possible?" I asked her.

"You met the criteria that only one has done before you." Haylie said as some blood poured from her lips. "You successfully made a vampire that feeds from other vampires. And you get to name it." She smiled as her eyes closed at the same time a loud lightning strike could be heard smacking down into the castle grounds.

"He“s here." Haylie said before slipping off into unconsciousness.

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