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   Chapter 17

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Three months later


I sat in my room waiting for these dreaded day to be over. In order to keep Gretta safe, I had to go through with the wedding. I had to marry Lucas. I had to sign my own life away in order for hers, and that is a price I would willingly pay.

The door to my bedroom burst open and am energetic blonde appeared through the door. I looked up and saw the petite frame of Olivia, Lucas“s sister. They were the only two in recorded history to have come from the same parents. She was just under five foot five with a ponytail on straight platinum blonde hair. Even to me, she was a beautiful woman. Her bright blue eyes holding pride and pity. She wasn“t like her brother.

"Hey, Ash." She said as she basically bounced to my bed. Yet her face showed the pity her eyes indicated. "I“m sorry about my brother." She added as she sat next to me.

I smoothed the ankle length pure white wedding dress along my knees as my head hung low. Today was the day I sign my life away. The day my mind will die but my body would live on. If it can be called that. Living as a toy is not really living, now is it?

"It“s been three months." Olivia said as she bumped my right shoulders with her left. "Is it still painful to think about him?"

"Every second of every day, it pains me." I told her honestly as I titled my head in her direction.

"I“m sorry." She added and then grabbed my hands and stood me up. "However, this is still a wedding and a wedding is to be celebrated." She said with a smile. I really hope her life doesn“t turn out as bad as mine. I hope she can have the perfect Beloved that will love her as much as she would love him.

"But the groom is not who it should be." I added, not able to skip over that fact.

"I know." She said as her smile falter. It quickly grew on her face again as her gaze locked with mine. "But there is a bright side to all of this."

"And what is that?" I wondered. She always has a way to get the mood up. Whether it is a single person or a room full of vampires.

"I“m going to be your sister." She almost shouted as she bounced in front of me.

I couldn“t help but smile at her innocence. I couldn“t help but laugh at her successful attempt to brighten up my mood.

"Malachi would have loved you." I told her as I brought her into a hug, holding her tight to me.

"Thank you." She said hugging back. "But we shouldn“t hug. It might ruin your dress." She pulled away from me to examine the dress.

It reached my ankles and then formed a short trail behind my ankles. It was a shoulderless dress with a soft fold over. The ends of the sleeves forming a pointed end above my hand. It was smooth and without fault. Without any extra designs. Such was the ways of the vampire worlds. The dress is to have no designs.

The front of my thick red hair braided on either side and then tied together behind my head, to keep my hair from falling into my face. Two columns of hair hung around my s

As is customary with all marriage proceedings, I am obligated to ask the attendants as to whether or not these two should not be wed and should not be joined in royal matrimony." His gaze fell over the attendants and as expected, none spoke up. No one would. Not when it was a wedding that the king himself planned.

Suddenly a large electrical outburst appeared close to the door. The origin hovered a meter off the ground as lightning bolts struck the tables and floor around it. Something was trying to come through. I knew from my previous readings that this is a portal of sorts, but it was very outdated and very rarely used.

All of a sudden a bloody Haylie fell into the room. The smell of witch and siren filled the room. A smell that we, as vampires, could not tolerate. The mixing of these two bloodlines was worse than the stench of garlic.

All the vampires in attendance scrunched their noses in disgust as she fell to her knees. She struggled to stand and once she did, she stood on unsteady legs. Her gaze finally found mine.

"Ashlynn." She said in a broken voice. "I have made a terrible mistake."

"Haylie. What“s wrong?" I asked her as I began to quickly walk towards her to support her.

"I didn“t know what Gareth was doing." She began as she fell into my arms covering my wedding dress in blood. "I didn“t notice the vampires in town disappearing. I didn“t know." She began to weep in my arms. Something happened to cause her this much pain.

"Haylie. Please." I asked her as I supported her head in my arms. "Please tell me what happened."

"I told Gareth about the wedding." She said with pain filling her face. "I told him everything. I didn“t know he was in the back. I didn“t know until he escaped."

"Who?" I asked, my mind blank and unable to come up with any idea of what she was talking about? "Who escaped?"

"Malachi." She told me and my soul jumped slightly. Did she just say? "Malachi knows. He“s on his way. And he is pissed."


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