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   Chapter 16

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"What do you mean someone killed him?" I asked Gretta hoping that is what not true. I won“t be able to lose him as well. Malachi alone is enough to destroy me, but the man who guided me, who stayed with me during my expedition into the world, would make me lose all hope.

"I had a spy of sorts keeping tabs on you since you left." She said with a pained expression as I let her into the room and let her sit on the side of my bed. "One of her descendants got into contact with me when she failed to contact Jonas."

I let the fact that she had a spy assigned to me due to the fact that I know she was looking out for me. And to the fact that my parents were never told. All she did was keep tabs on my whereabouts. I let her vent as I hugged her close. I know how much Jonas meant to her. When they both lost their Beloveds in a long past war, they were each others rocks.

"She went over to his house and found him in the basement drained of his blood." She said as her face fell. I have never seen Gretta cry and I don“t I ever will, but the look on her face was the closest to it that I have ever seen. "She said that the pain she felt in the room. The distraught, the confusion, all the emotions flowing around the room was overwhelming. Whatever happened there, something was angry."

"It will be okay." I reassured her as I hugged her tighter to me. "We have each other." I tried my best to reassure her wondering if it was enough. And at the same time I began to wonder just what kind of monster could kill Jonas. He was one of the strongest people I have ever known. He fought alongside Dracula himself against the Turks. Just what managed to kill him.

"Do we know anything about it? Can you give me your contacts number?" I asked her as she handed me her black smartphone. Amazing, even the vampires here made use of the human“s technology. It was odd that the hatred they had for humans still allowed them to use their inventions.

I put Gretta in my bed as I went through her phone“s contacts. I made it to my door and began to open it slowly. I stopped short, when I came upon a name I did not suspect from her phone. Haylie Andrews. Why the hell did it have to be her?

I called the number and listened as it rang twice.

"Gretta, we have a problem!" Came Haylie“s frantic voice on the other end. I have never heard her sound so troubled.

"Haylie." I responded as I closed the door softly behind me.

"Ashlynn?" She asked as her voice dropped. I don“t think she expected to be hearing from me.

"What is the problem?" I asked her hoping that we won“t have to visit any of the memories of when we were in high school.

"Where“s Gretta? I need to talk to her." Haylie quickly snapped back, trying to order me.

"Haylie, I will warn you this one time." I told her lacing my voice with authority and hoping it transferred over the phone. "Gretta is currently busy, tell me the problem or

the door, still enjoying the feel of the sunlight against my skin. "I have no intention of marrying that pig."

"You will and you will reign by his side!" She shouted at me still unable to walk through sun. "And if you do not, we will kill Gretta." She added with a smirk. My face fell. They wouldn“t do that would they? Why reason is decent enough to kill her. The one who kept this castle up to standard. The one who is responsible to keep the grounds as pristine as they were. And now they were threatening to kill her.

"Why?" I asked with a pained look in my eyes. I wouldn“t even be surprised that with all the shocks and with all the pain I have felt in the last two days, if my hair became bland, if it lost colour, if my normally pristine skin became rough. But of course, that won“t happen because I am vampire, but again I will still not be surprised.

"We can always replace her." My father said with a straight face. His tone went back to his old non emotional one. He showed his disinterest for the staff at this moment and I wondered what they would think about this.

But I could not let my parents take Gretta away from me. She is all I have left. If I can“t end my own life then I will ensure she lives hers. It took me a minute but I finally made my way over to the doors and into the house. The doors closed behind me as my mother came up to me and slapped me. She put enough force in the slap to jar my thoughts and throw me to the floor.

The look on my face didn“t even phase her or my father. This is the first time that either of them have hit me and they didn“t care. It seemed to them that they should have started this sooner.

"You will marry Lucas and you will appear happy to do so." She ordered as my father stood behind her motionless. "We are not having this conversation again. And the fact that you are defiled. Well, we will just have to kept that a secret." She ended the argument and turned to leave.

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