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   Chapter 14

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I lay Malachi down on the bed softly as I tried to remember what to do. I have never been in this situation before. I have never had to turn anyone. Frantically I paced the room as I tried to recollect the writings in my fathers study about how to turn a human.

When I remembered I quickly ran to Malachi“s body and leaned over him.

"I“m sorry." I said as a blood tear fell from my right eye and landed on his cheek.

I bit into his neck inject as much venom into his veins as I could. After about ten seconds of doing so, I stopped and raised my head. I brought my left wrist to my mouth and bit into it. I let the blood seep from my wrist and into his. I had to reopen the wound seven times until I was satisfied with the amount of blood I had given him.

I then moved his wrists and ankles, and bit into them for a few seconds. After I injected the necessary amount of venom into his system, I moved to the other side of his neck. The side I had not bitten into yet. Once there I kissed his skin softly as blood tears freely seeped from my eyes.

I bit into his neck and drained him of every last ounce of his human blood. This is the first time I did not like the taste of his blood. It felt wrong and forcibly taken. This is not how I imagined this.

I sat back on the bed and waited. Waited for any indication that he would change. Waiting for the hope that I have not screwed everything up. He can“t die. He just can“t. He has to remain with me. I have waited fourteen years, two months, and seventeen days for this. He has to stay with me.

Blood tears fell from my eyes freely as Mal made no movements. It has been twenty minutes and nothing. He has not moved a single inch. It wasn“t working. I crept up to his side and rested my head on his cold shoulder. I just wanted him with me. Why can“t I have that? Why can“t anything in my life go the way I wanted. The way I needed.

For the first time in my life, I cried myself to sleep. Funny though. A vampire crying herself to sleep. I would the butt of all jokes if the nobility found out about this.

I awoke a few hours later when I felt a nudge on my shoulder. It took me a few seconds before I shot up in my bed with a huge smile on my face. He was awake. Finally. I internally shouted. I looked at his body, and something didn“t make sense. He remained in the same position as when I fell asleep. He still hasn“t moved a muscle. Where did the touch come from?

I turned to my side and saw Jonas standing there with a sullen look upon his face.

"Your highness." He said with a bow of his head. His shoulders hung low. "It is never a sure thing to change a human. It is why it usually only happens within the capital." He said and pain washed over me. He was basically telling me that I had failed. That I just lost everything that I ever wanted.

"Can you attend to him?" I asked Jonas as I slowly crawled off the bed and walked to the bedroom door. "I have lost the right to." I added as I quickly ran out, with blood tears still falling from my eyes, stainin

ush dark red carpet and deep purple walls with the pale red curtains that hung from the ceiling. The four candle chandeliers that illuminated the room perfectly was the exact same as I last saw it eight hundred years ago.

Although the fabrics have been updated.

I noticed my father sitting on his large golden throne that looked like a over grown crown. He wore his usual dark blue robes with the golden trimmings and lacework of floral pattern along the bottom. He looked to be in his early sixties with his overly grey hair and his wrinkled face. He held a stern look upon his face.

My mother stood next to him and she was just as beautiful as the day I left. Her soft red hair hung down her back and reached the back of her knees. Her hair held a slight curl to it but not much. She too wore a dark blue robe but hers were lined with bright red designs lacing themselves in intricate patterns along the bottom.

When she saw me she became frantic. She rushed over to me and pulled me into a hug. She seemed to care about me. She seemed to care enough to let me believe she loved me.

"Ashlynn?" She cooed into my ear as she held me tightly. She glanced to the enforcer on my left and a scowl crossed her face. "You can leave now." She ordered him.

"I can“t do that yet, your Majesty." He said keeping his gaze ahead of him as he motioned to my hand still clutching his shirt with his right hand. My mother seemed to think about it before completely skipping over the fact.

"What happened, Ashlynn?" She asked me as she hugged me tighter.

"He“s gone." I said in barely a whisper as the memories of his still body flooded my mind.

"Who“s gone?" She asked once more as she softly pushed me away to look into my eyes. "Your such a mess. Who did this to you?"

"My Beloved." I told her as I saw the look of excitement cross her face.

"Your Beloved?" She almost shouted with joy. "You found him? Can I meet him?" She quickly asked but her face fell when she noticed the sad look in my eyes.

"He“s dead."

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