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   Chapter 13

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When I finished the cake for Haylie and her, what I am assuming to be her sisters, I cut a few slices for them and plated them. I pushed the cake through the opening on the counter for Gareth and them grabbed the plates and headed out the door.

I found Haylie and her sisters sitting rather close to the counter and noticed how they eyed me walking to their table. To be honest, it was both intriguing as well as frightening. No one did that to me before.

I placed the plates down on the table with a smile on my face.

"There you go ladies. Fresh from the oven." I told them as I stood tall and smiled once more. As I turned to leave I felt a hand grab my left arm. I turned my head to look, and found the older sister staring at me with a lust filled gaze. Her grip was strong and made me wonder if she ever gymed.

"Why don“t you join us?" She asked with hope clearly evident within her voice.

"Kirsten, no." Haylie whisper yelled at her sister as she slapped her other arm. This caused the two sisters to glare at each other.

"Apologies, Kirsten." I began with a soft smile and a nod of my head. "But I have to get back to work."

"Buzzkill." She said with a pout. She really did look a little deflated at my turning down of her request. Then she perked up with an even bigger smile. "How about dinner, tonight. Just the two of us?" She added with excitement.

"Sorry, but I“m pretty sure that would piss my girlfriend off." I replied with the most apologetic expression as I could muster. "And I quite like being in her good graces."

"What she doesn“t know, won“t hurt her." Kirsten said with lust filling her voice. How could she even think something like that? Did she really think I would just fall for her whims and betray Ashlynn like that?

"But I will." I told her as grabbed onto her arm and exerting the same amount of pressure she did me, I pulled it off of mine. I noticed the shocked looks on all three of the sister“s faces as I dropped Kirsten“s hands on the table. "And she is in a few leagues above yours." I added as I turned away from them.

I could feel the shocked stares aimed at my back as I walked towards Gareth. A customer already walking away from the counter to go sit by an open table.

"What now?" He said with a sigh as he glanced in my direction.

"A girl from my school is here with her sister“s and one just tried to ask me on a date?" I told him as a halfhearted chuckled escaped my lips. "As if I would say to them." I added as I turned to stare out the window of the cafe.

"You better have said no." Gareth said with a chuckle of his own. "If Ashlynn didn“t beat sense into you then I would“ve." He added causing me to laugh softly.

"Noted." I said laughing softly as I watched the rain hit the parked cars. It was strangely soothing to hear the soft patter on the roof of the cars. After a few minutes I turned to walk towards the kitchen when a strong grasp clamped around my left arm.

"Why don“t you want to go out with me?" Kirsten said in a harsh tone. The look in her eye

. Now!" I order them lacing my voice with power. I did not have the time to deal with them at the moment. I watched as they quickly picked themselves up and rushed out the cafe doors.

"Ashlynn, what“s happening to him?" I heard Gareth ask behind me. How do I answer him? I don“t even know what“s happening. There has never been a recorded incident such as this. I should know, I have combed my father“s records since the beginning of his reign a few millennia ago.

"I don“t know." I told him and what scared me the most was it was true. "My father doesn“t have any records on this. I truly do not know what is happening here." I told him honestly.

"You need to find out. I don“t think he can control it." Gareth said behind me as his voice lowered a bit. He clearly sounded concerned.

"Don“t worry." I told him as I closed the distance between Mal and I. "I can control him." And to be honest, I might not be able to. I just hoped I could. Dammit, I hoped I could.

I raised my hands to his cheeks hoping the physical touch would be enough to stop him. However, it worked too well. His eyes returned to normal and he collapsed in my arms. I fell to my knees to ensure his comfort as he stared up at me. Or was it my hair? I couldn“t really tell at this point.

I watched as he tried to speak but nothing came out. I could hear his heartbeat drop significantly. It was dropping too much far too quickly. I picked him up and carried him to the car. I placed him in the passenger seat, not bothering about the rain. I kept my ears on his heartbeat hoping it was just a phase. Hopefully it would kick up soon.

As I drove us towards my house my mind went blank. I couldn“t hear his heartbeat. I turned to him but heard nothing. I couldn“t even see the soft rise and fall of his chest.

I began to freak as I drove faster. I needed to get to the house. I needed to do the one thing I hoped I didn“t have to do yet. The one thing I wanted his permission for.

I need to change him. I need to make him like me.

A vampire.

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