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   Chapter 11

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The next morning, I woke more satisfied than I have ever felt. With the woman I loved sleeping by my side. Her skin against mine. I was truly content.

I looked down to see the head of red hair resting on my chest, the feeling of her legs wrapped in mine. I wonder if this changes things. I wonder if now, I need to become a vampire. How would that happen anyway? These sort of thoughts rumbled through my head when I felt Ashlynn stir.

"You“re awake." She said as her right hand stroked my chest. She lifted her head and our gazes locked. She slowly moved upward, until her lips met mine. The kiss was soft, short, but filled with passion.

"Morning, beautiful." I said as my left hand came up and stroked some of her hair from her face.

"Morning." She said as she leaned into my touch.

"You know it“s raining." I said as I heard the faint sound of the rain hitting down just outside of the window.

"Yeah and?" She asked as she laid her head back down onto my bare chest, listening to my heartbeat.

"Let“s go to school. I want to show you off." I told her as I tried not to move. She looked so peaceful and I felt it would close to a sin to disturb her at this moment.

"You“re weird." She said with a soft giggle. She slowly sat up in the bed letting the duvet fall around her. My eyes instantly going to her bare full breasts. I may be considered a nerd and I may be considered shy. But I am still a male and we still have our distractions. She laughed when she noticed where my eyesight lay before she turned her body and climbed out of the bed.

I leaned to my right resting on my right elbow as I watched her walk to the bathroom. The sway of her hips perfectly accentuating her buttocks. I can“t believe how much I truly love this girl.

While she took a shower I stretched and then moved to her walk-in closest. I had begun to wonder just what type of clothes she truly had. I was amazed at the normal jeans, long sleeve shirts, jackets, and cardigan. Then came the dresses and gowns. They were clothes fit for the highest of nobility balls. Truly, I was amazed.

I turned to the right and came to a stop. I saw men“s clothing lining the walls and hangers, wondering just who did they belong to.

I made my way out of the walk-in closet and to the bathroom door. I didn“t even think before I turned the knob and walked straight in. I could see Ashlynn“s outline in the shower curtain as I watched her wipe herself down.

"Hey, Red." I called to her and to her benefit, she didn“t even flinch. She just pulled the curtain back slightly and peeked her head out.

"There are men“s clothes in your closet." I told her as my eyes stayed on hers. "Who do they belong to?"

"You. I had Jonas buy some clothes that would fit you so you had some to change into." She said as she let the curtain go and continued to wash herself.

Looking at he

head hung low but her eyes on mine. As she came to a stop in front of me I grabbed her cheeks with both my hands, slowly moving my thumbs back and forth giving her some comfort. I pressed my lips to hers softly and then let them linger.

"I guess not." She giggled as the kiss broke.

"Now, no distractions." I told her as I turned her around and pushed her through the kitchen door resting my hands on each of her butt cheeks. "I have work to do." She giggled as she left the kitchen.

The entire time I was in the kitchen, I had a smile on my face. I have been wondering how it has been being with her for such a short time, yet she had known me for all these years. I wonder how hard it must have been staying away from me for that long.

Once I was finished a couple hours later, I grabbed a slice of the red velvet cake and walked out of the kitchen. Ashlynn stood by the counter watching Gareth carefully, and then her face lit up when she saw me. I could see her gaze go to my hand, which I currently held behind my back. I saw her tilt her head back and take a deep sniff.

"Red velvet!" She almost shouted as she quickly made her way to me. I brought the cake into view and handed the plate to her. Before she took it she pecked my lips with hers. "Thank you." She disappeared to her table in the corner eating her cake quietly.

"It is about time you found happiness." Gareth said next to me as he watched Ashlynn with the eyes of a hawk. "I just hope it lasts." He added as he turned and walked away. I wonder what he meant by that.

I went back to the lockers to change into my jeans and shirt and came out to a waiting Ashlynn.

"Ready?" She asked as she clasped her hands behind her back. She slowly walked to the cafe door with me following behind.

"As I will ever be." I said as I handed her her umbrella. "I am just wondering how the school will handle the things I did when I left."

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