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   Chapter 10

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The kiss broke after what seemed to be a lifetime. I don“t how, but this kiss felt more amazing than anything before in my life. As the kiss broke, I opened my eyes and stared into hers. I felt control return to my body. Just what happened to me?

"Wow." She said once more as I brushed my right hand across her left cheek. Suddenly the door to her room burst open. I was thrown off of her as my back crashed into the couch to the right, as the impact caused both it and me to roll into the wall.

"What the hell?" I heard Ashlynn say with a frantic voice.

"What are you doing, Ashlynn?" I heard a familiar voice that I couldn“t place.

"Aleksander, you can“t just come into my room and throw my Beloved off of me!" She shouted as I tried to regain my composure. My entire body flushed with pain as I twitched underneath the couch.

"I can and will do anything in according to the orders that I have received." Aleksander said with venom lacing his voice.

"What orders?" Ashlynn shouted back as she threw the couch off of me. I heard a loud gasp following by heavy breathing. "Malachi, please stay with me!" Once more her voice frantic. Why is she acting like this? "Please stay with me!" She quickly punctured her wrist once more and brought it to my lips.

Almost instantly I felt as if I could see through her eyes. I saw my crumpled body lying against the wall with a piece of wood from the broken couch sticking through my chest. Blood pooled around my chest where the small wooden stake had punctured my left lung. Odd, I didn“t feel anything. I didn“t even feel as if I was dying. I just felt cold and disorientated.

I watched as she pulled the stake from my chest as her left wrist still poured her blood down my throat. I watched as the wound on my chest began to slowly close. My vision returned to my own as I glanced up towards a frantic Ashlynn. I could see her face fill with relief as my wound healed.

"Ashlynn. It is time for you to go home." Aleksander said behind her as he towered over us. "Your fun with the human is at an end."

"Human or not, he is my Beloved." Ashlynn said as she cast an evil glance over her shoulder to Aleksander. "He means more to me that father“s orders."

"You better not let him hear you say that. You know how they feel about humans." He replied as he began pacing around the room.

"It doesn“t matter." Ashlynn shot back as my face regained its colour and the wound fully closed. "He means more to me than anything else." She added as she brought both her hands to my face and cupped my cheeks. I could see the relief clearly evident within her smiling face.

"This won“t end well." Aleksander said with a chuckle. "The enforcers will be sent after soon enough. You are running out of time to make this right." He added as his face turned serious. "It“s better to come home by your own free will than to be brought back by other means."

"Please leave, Aleksander." Ashlynn said as venom began to leak into her voice. "You are no longer welcome here

times trying to wake up as she located my eyes.

"Morning." She said still with the tiredness evident within voice. I chuckled when I heard it finding it funny. "Why are you laughing at me?"

"Morning, sleepyhead." I said as I bumped her head with mine softly, causing her to smile and then rest her head back down on my shoulder. "So you know that you fed while sleeping." This caught her attention as she bolted upright with a shocked expression.

"I do not!" She said rather loudly, which caused me to laugh once more. I just couldn“t hold it in.

"Look at my neck." I told her as I titled my head, still chuckling.

She lowered her gaze until she saw the wounds on my neck and I saw her swallow. I guess she never knew.

"I don“t mind really." I told her with a smirk. "It was quite arousing." I added motioning my eyes downward towards the situation currently happening within my pants.

"Oh, sorry." She said as she quickly covered her face with her hair giggling softly.

"Why are you sorry?" I asked her as I sat up in the bed, leaning my back against the head board. "I want this as much as you."

"If we start. I don“t think I will be able to stop." She added as she peaked around her hair at me. "And you won“t be able to stop me."

"I will take that risk." I told her as I leaned forward and grasped her hands in mine. "You say we are Beloved so why don“t you prove it." I added as I let go of her left hand and used my right to wrap her hair around her ear. I saw the look of concern and lust within her eyes. "And I will prove to you just how much I love you." I said softly.

"You love me?" She asked as her face filled with joy. Did I really say that? I can“t believe I just told her I loved her. Its only been a few days and now I have confessed to her. What am I doing? "I love you too." She said as she lunged at me, locking our lips in a fierce battle. A battle her tongue eventually won.

For the rest of the night, we proved to each other just how much we loved each other.

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