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   Chapter 9

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~~~ Malachi (POV) ~~~


I did not just hear what I think I did. After promising me to tell the truth, she just has to come up with some insane lie that is no way possible. Is this all I mean to her? Does she think I am just some little gullible nerd that she can play with as she pleases?

"Seriously?" I asked her with a pained expression crossing my features. "I ask you tell the truth and now you pull this? I can“t believe." I added as I threw my arms in the air and began to walk towards the basements stairs on the opposite side of the room.

I made it within a meter of the stairs when Ashlynn suddenly appeared in front of me as if out of thin air.

"I did not lie to you." She said with an equalled pained expression covering her face. "I am telling you the truth. I am a vampire."

"You“re going to continue this charade?" I told her in awe that she actually believes what she is saying.

"It was my blood that did this to you." She said hurriedly. "It was my blood that gave you your enhanced abilities."

Then it finally clicked. She appeared out of no where. She was on the other side of the basement and then instantly she stood in front of me. I did a quick double take and then stared at her in disbelief. She can“t really be a vampire, can she? I mean those things are just myths. Legends. They are not real. I kept telling myself over and over again.

"Please say something." She almost begged as a worried expression crossed her face.

"Prove it." I told her, needing to whether or not she is in fact telling the truth. "Prove it to me, that you really are a vampire."

"Okay." She said as she leaned her head back slightly and opened her mouth. Her top lip rose enough to show me her upper jaws teeth. I watched as her cuspids began to elongate. Fangs! I shouted internally. She actually has fangs. And they retract.

"Impossible." I said dumbstruck as my mind went blank.

I stared at her for a few minutes as awkward silence filled the room.

"Please say something." She ask me almost begging for me to respond.

"I -uh... I- Shit." I said as I brought my right hand up to rub my forehead. "So this is actually real? This is actually happening?"

"Yeah." She said in a soft tone with which I am assuming she is trying her hardest to not scare me away.

"You“re not going to kill me, right?" I asked and immediately I knew it was a stupid question. Why would she kill me now after all we have been through.

"Haha." She laughed softly as a small smile crossed her lips. "No I“m not. I have no intention to." She finished as she clasped her hands in front of her chest in a sort of prayer position.

"But how?" I asked her trying to get my mind around the possibilities that if vampires exist, what else does?

"I was born this way." She said with a tip of her head. "I am one of the few Pure-Bloods left."

"Hold up." I said stopping her the

lenched them tightly as I let whimpers escape my lips.

"Mal. I“m so sorry." The words seemed distant to my ears but I could still make it out. "I completely forgot about the backlash. I wasn“t thinking." Her voice sounded sad, as a whimper or two escaped her. "I“m so sorry."

I fell backwards as I tried to open my eyes. One second I was still within the beige lounge staring at the white ceiling, then the next I was back in Ashlynn“s room staring at the bed canopy. My mind began to slowly shut down as more and more of myself began to slip into a slumber.

I felt Ashlynn push her wrist to my mouth and the feeling of something wet hit my lips. The wet substance fell between my lips and dripped onto my tongue. She was feeding me her blood. Again. My body, moving by itself, began to drink from her wrist with earnest.

Suddenly the pain within my head lifted and the sense of my old self came flooding back. I felt the strength return to myself as I reached up and grabbed her arm. I kept drinking as my mind skipped over Ashlynn“s words of warning.

All of a sudden her arm ripped from my grasp leaving me without the source of my contentment. Anger flooded through me as I felt my eyes burning. My vision turned red as I turned to face a worried looking Ashlynn standing by the side of the bed.

I grabbed her quickly and soon she lay on her back with me towering over her. Our heads barely a foot a part.

Her eyes glanced to my lips once more and the urge to kiss her became the sole thought within my head. I pushed down, bringing my lips to hers roughly, deepening the kiss with every passing moment.

My mind began to calm as I began to regain my control. My vision returned as I broke the kiss. I opened my eyes to look into hers but found hers to be closed. Her lips still slightly parted, breathing heavily.

She slowly opened her eyes as a smile crossed both our faces.

"Wow." She muttered before pulling me to her once more.

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