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   Chapter 8

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~~~ Malachi (POV) ~~~


I walked into the cafe walking straight through the kitchen doors. Along the way to the doors, I overheard some of the conversations going about the cafe.

The topics being discussed were quite odd to be honest. Some were of possible animal attacks near the border of the town. Some were of the recent murders that have cropped up where the victims were basically drained of blood. These conversations did not fit in with the visage of this cafe.

I quickly dressed in my chef whites and went straight for my side of the kitchen. This would be my last day, so maybe I should at least make more of an effort than I usually do.

Before I started on the cookies that needed to be made, Gareth came through the kitchen doors with a wide smile on his face.

"Mal. You have a visitor." He chuckled softly but stopped when he saw my blank expression.

"I don“t want to be bothered. Tell her to leave." I don“t know why I instinctively knew who it was but it was the only thing that made sense.

"I“m not following." He said with a confused expression.

"I don“t want to see her. Tell her to leave." I told him in a stern voice hoping he would just get the message.

"Why? Were you two not all lovey dovey this morning?" He said with another smile before that too faded from his face.

"That was this morning. Things change." I told him as I returned my focus back to the cookie dough before me.

"I will not leave until you tell me why." He said as he leaned against the counter nearest the door. The look on his face showed his determination to get the information from me.

"She has a fiance." I told him as I dropped bits of cookie dough into the pans. They were almost perfect circles. "She has lied to me from the start. There won“t ever be an us. I am just a fling."

"She what!" He exploded. It would be a fair assumption to say that he was angrier than me in this situation.

He turned quickly and left through the kitchen doors. At least now I was alone to gather my thoughts. The head cook was a quiet person who often just let me work in peace.

"I“m sorry." He said with a concern filled voice.

"Don“t worry about it." I told him as I added some chocolate chips to the dough and began to spread them across another pan.

The problem with this situation was that I could hear the arguing at the counter.

"I told you not to hurt him!" Gareth shouted at Ashlynn. "And now I hear you have a fiance. What the hell are you trying to pull?" He continued and I could almost see Ashlynn growing agitated at his outburst.

"It“s a misunderstanding!" She shouted back banging her hands against the counter. "He won“t let me explain."

"And why should he?" Gareth countered with a anger filled voice. "He was finally happy. Yesterday and today, were the happiest I have ever seen him and now? He has reverted to his old self."

"If he would just let me explain then this whole situation can be moved aside." She


"I didn“t even know I could do something like this." I told her honestly as her gaze met mine.

"That is sort of my fault really." She said as she tried to hide her face once more.

"What do mean?" I asked with a curious expression.

"Can I tell you tonight?" She asked pulling out her impressive puppy dog eyes. "I do“t want to ruin the day any further."

"Fine." I exclaimed as I stood motioning for her to following. "But you are going to tell me the whole truth."

"Okay." She said a little nervous.

She drove us back to her house since we knew that going to school now, would create a bigger scene than what was necessary. She parked in her four car garage that surprising did not have any other cars. It was bare. Too bare.

"Follow me." She said with a nervous tone. That tone is beginning to worry me. She took me down to the basement as my confusion grew larger and larger.

"What are we doing down here?" I asked her as she switched the light on. Again I found this room to be bare, all except for the freezer near the back of it. She came to a stop next to the freezer and motioned for me to come closer. "You“re sort of scaring me."

"Please don“t freak out with what I am going to tell you." She began as she rubbed her hands in front of her stomach as she displayed her anxiousness. "Keep an open mind, okay. Just remember that I really care about you and will do anything to keep you safe."

"Okay. This is getting weird." I told her as she quickly glanced up.

"So, since I have to tell you the whole truth." She began at the same time her hands found the right side of her hair. She began to stroke it as she spoke. "You probably won“t believe me."

"Just tell me, please." I told her as I took a step forward closing the distance between us. She reached for the freezer with her left hand and began opening at the same time she revealed to me what she truly is.

"I“m a vampire." She said as the freezer lid opened revealing dozens upon dozens of blood bags.

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