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   Chapter 7

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After I pushed Mark against the lockers, his team came to his aid. Pushing me off of him. The whole time I placed myself between Ashlynn and the footballers, I kept thinking just how in the hell I suddenly became strong enough to do that.

Why did I even have that outburst? I have never fought back before. I have barely even argued back other than the first few times that taught me not to. Just what is happening to me.

I continued to glare at Mark as he walked off with his teammates. As he rounded the corner, finally disappearing from my sight, my anger subsided. Great now we“re late.

"Come on." I grabbed Ashlynn“s hand and began to pull her behind me. I pushed her into the Maths classroom as I bolted for my own.

I burst through the door into the Biology classroom and the teacher stopped in his tracks staring at me. The entire class was quiet as their watchful gazes followed me until I took my seat in the back.

"Mr Keats. Care to explain why you are late to my class?" Mr Gregory said in a concerned voice as he stood at the front of the classroom with his hands on his hips. Unlike the other teacher, Mr Gregory always dressed formally. Today was a dark Gray suit with a white business shirt.

"I had run in with the football team." I told him as I placed my bag on the top of my desk.

"Care to elaborate?" He asked as he folded his arms across his chest.

"No, sir." I told him as I pulled out the Biology textbook.

"Stay after class, I need to speak to you." He told me before he continued with his lesson.

My mind wondered how my little foster brother was doing in the orphanage. I hope that Brad does not take out his frustrations out on little David. I mean he is only nine years old.

I completely missed the lesson that Mr Gregory has taught about but to be honest, it was least of my worries at the moment.

"Mr Keats." My biology teacher began as the last of the students left his classroom. "You are one of my brightest students. Even though this is your first offence. I never thought it would come to this."

"Won“t happen again." I told him with a soft smile.

"And what is this about a run in with the football team. Care to shine a light on this little activity?" He asked as he leaned forward slightly.

"No sir. It was just an accident." I told him as I began to leave his classroom.

"Malachi, you can talk to me if you need to. I am always available." He told me in a reassuring tone.

"No need." I told him and left the classroom.

I was last in my thoughts again before I realised I was now late for my Maths class. I began to hurry when soft voices caught my attention. They were coming from one of the empty classrooms on my way to Maths. I instantly recognised Ashlynn“s voice but the male voice, I couldn“t place.

I walked closer to the classroom wanting to hear what the conversation

me with a cold look. I haven“t seen that look in ages. What happened for him to revert back?

"What? I don“t understand." I told him as I felt my heart fall. He can“t really be doing this can he? He can“t leave me. Not after all that has happened.

"Go back to your fiance. We are done." He said and my heart fell. I can“t actually believe it did but that is what it felt like. But how does he know about that? Who told him? He can“t leave me.

"Please don“t leave. It“s not what you think." I begged trying to hold him back but I knew if I used more strength he would only find out the truth. Which he is not ready for. "It“s a misunderstanding. Please don“t leave me." If I could cry, I would. I needed him with me. I needed him by my side. What am I to do if he just leaves?

"It“s not my problem anymore." He said as he pulled out of my grasp. How did he get this strong? Merely drinking my blood wouldn“t give him this much strength. My thoughts grew out of control as I watched Malachi walk away from me. Why did it turn out like this? Fourteen years and now nothing.

I fell to my knees as Aleksander walked up beside me.

"That makes it easier for you." He said in monotone as if he didn“t care that the only shred of happiness I had left just walked away from me. Effectively rejecting me as a Beloved. "We can go back now."

"No." I told him as I turned to meet his gaze. "I will get him back and we will live happily ever after for thousands of years to come." I said resolute as my heart continued to break into pieces.

"Ashlynn, you know the consequences that await you if you continue down this path." He said as if he was concerned about my well being. "I won“t be able to help you. This is your final chance."

"You don“t need to do anything." I told him as I turned towards my car. "I need to do this myself." I added as I climbed into my car and began driving towards the cafe.

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