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   Chapter 6

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~~~ Malachi (POV) ~~~


What? I thought to myself. She can“t be serious. How can we both sleep on the same bed? To be honest, it is quite a big bed and we would most obviously both fit. But we have only just met, and now I am in her house, had just taken a shower in her room, and now she says we are sleeping in the same bed.

"Come on." She said as she crawled under the thick light gray duvet. "You“re still recovering and you need some sleep. No arguing. Now, get into bed before I make you." I wonder if she could. Most probably, she could, but that would have to wait for some other time.

"Fine." I told her as I climbed into the other side of the bed. "But stay on your side." I told her in a mock serious tone.

"You“re no fun." She said with a smile and laid her head down on the pillow staring at me.

"Go to sleep." I told her as turned away from her closing my eyes. I could feel hers on the back of my head as I tried to fall asleep. "Are you going to keep staring at me all night?" I asked not turning to see her.

"Until you fall asleep." She replied and I could almost hear the smile plastered on her face.

"Fine." Was the last thing said between us as we fell asleep.

I woke up to the alarm blaring on my phone. Why did I not switch it off? It is four thirty in the bloody morning. I mentally scolded myself.

I shifted slightly to find my phone and found myself snuggled into the back of Ashlynn. She used my left arm as a pillow while my right was wrapped around her waist. Her right hand holding mine.

How the hell did this happen? I mean it felt awesome beyond belief, but isn“t this too soon? We just met and here I am enjoying holding her close.

I listened to her soft breathing for a few more minutes when I decided that i needed to get up. I needed to get to the cafe and make the cakes for the day.

I slowly pulled my left arm free from underneath her neck as her head fell against the pillow. As my left hand supported the rest of my weight, I began to pull my right arm free. However, it was not as successful as its counterpart.

Ashlynn ended up strengthening her grip on my hand and brought it up to the bottom of her chin. Her right arm above mine as it trapped mine there. How am I going to leave now?

As I began to wonder of the possibilities, my mind inevitably wondered to where my right arm actually was. I quickly cast a glance to my arm as I felt the warm pressure of her breasts. My face began to heat up as I quickly pulled my arm free causing me to go tumbling off the bed.

As I hit the floor Ashlynn stirred. She slowly sat up and stretched as she looked around for me. She found me staring at her while I sat on the floor.

"Why are you down there?" She asked as she crawled to the edge of the bed and lay down on her stomach.

"I... uh... fell." I told her as a soft smile found her lips.

"Why are we awake at this time?" She asked as she yawned, dipping her head into the bed.

"I have to get ready. I need to get to the cafe." I told her as I saw her eyes light up.


multiple lifetimes."

"I have no intention to do so." She replied in an equal serious tone.

I burst through the kitchen door realizing that we would be late if we didn“t leave now.

"Ash, come on. We“re going to be late." I told her as I grabbed her left arm and pulled her behind me.

"See you later, Gareth." She almost yelled as I pulled her. We quickly got into her car and drove to the school. We made it inside the door“s as the bell for first period rang.

"Crap." I said out loud. "Come on Ash, we need to hurry. What is your first class?" I asked her making our way up the stairs to the third floor.

"Maths." She said in a groan.

"Sorry about that, Ash." I told her chuckling, which earned me a soft smack on my right shoulder.

Suddenly our path was blocked by Mark and his team. He looked upon me in disgust but then his gaze turned to Ashlynn and instantly it turned from disgust to flat out lust.

"Hey Red." He said in what I am assuming to be a charming voice. "I owe you for what you did to me last time. Ditch this loser, and come find out what a real man can do to you." He said with a smirk while his team chuckled behind him.

I felt my anger growing. Odd, I have never felt anger when in situations like this. Normally it is just a feeling of wanting it over so I can continue with what I was doing.

"Mark." Ashlynn began with a serious tone that pervade her anger fully. "Call me Red one more time and you wont be a man much less a real one." This comment did not have the desired result as I was hoping.

Mark pushed me to the side and reached his out his hands towards Ashlynn with a dark expression on his face made all the more dark with the smirk his lips currently held.

Before his hands touched her, my anger exploded. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and twisted to my right. Pushing him into the lockers, denting them underneath the impact.I kept pushing until he was raised a few centimeters off the floor.

"Don“t ever touch her." I growled towards him as the look of fear plastered across his face.

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