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   Chapter 4

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When our hands touch I could have sworn I felt two things. The first being the coldness of her hands that seemed to be so unreal and the second was the feeling of warmth inside me. It felt as if the touch of her hand was what I needed to be happy. I don“t know how to explain it better.

But her hand was cold, too cold. A coldness that should not be present. I became slightly worried as the time progressed, wondering if she was OK.

We made it to the cafe in good time as she parked the car near the entrance. We both got out, leaving our bags in the car. We walked into the cafe with Ashlynn telling me to hurry up. It would seem that she really enjoys the cakes I make. I never knew someone took this much pleasure in them. I knew they sold relatively well but nothing to this extent.

"Mal." Came the familiar voice of Gareth, the owner of the cafe as well as the front desk attendant. He stood behind the register in a black collared polo shirt with the signature Cyrus Cafe coffee cup logo above his left peck. He looked younger than his forty odd years, yet the gray had already begun to set in his brunette hair. He also has adorned a well trimmed full beard for the past few years which too began to sport some gray. "Who is this?" Referring to Ashlynn who was pushing me forward.

"Gareth, meet Ashlynn, Ashlynn meet Gareth. The owner of this cafe." I told her as she continued to push me towards the staff only door to the left of the counter.

"No talking. More cake." She said just before she stopped pushing me and headed to the main counter. "Hi Gareth." She said offering her hand. I pushed through the doors and quickly made my way over to the lockers to get dressed.

After half an hour I returned, in my chef whites that Gareth loved to make us wear. In my right hand I carried a small caramel cake slice with white chocolate icing. It is something I was trying to get Gareth to put on the menu and I hoped that Ashlynn“s review would help.

"Finally." She almost shouted as she sat near the corner of the cafe. The seat next to the window and the wall behind her. The smile on her face told me she was really looking forward to this. I looked at her table and noticed two plates that held remnants of the chocolate cake and I soon began to wonder how she ate this much and looked as perfect as she did. "Give me." She stretched her arms out.

I stood still watching her with the plate still in my hands. I raised my eyebrows gesturing to her that I was waiting for something.

"What?" She said softly, a little shocked. "Why?" She asked with a worried expression.

I stayed still with a smirk on my face as she reached for the plate. I still wanted her to ask nicely for it and to be honest, it was fun to see her squirm trying to figure out what is needed.

"Why?" She said again before pulling out the most perfect puppy dog eyes I have ever seen, in real life as well as in movies. "Please can I have it."

I handed her the plate chuckling softly. "Now, was that so hard?"

"You“re mean." She said as she grabbed her fork and quickly took a bite. A soft moan escaped her lips and instantly I was jealous of the cake. Why the hell am I jealous over a baked good? I am in serious need of psychological help.

"Enjoy." I told her as I began to make my way back into the kitchen only to be stopped by Gareth with a smirk in his face.

"How did you manage to catch that." He said as he leaned on the counter glancing between Ashlynn and myself. I could see his thoughts running wild just by the smirk on his face.

"I didn“t." I told him and noticed the slightly confused look on his face. "She just moved here and already she is a fan of the baked goods. She even likes the caramel cake that you still have not put on the menu." I said with a soft chuckle and a smirk.

"Fine, you win." He said in a defeated tone. "I“ll put it on the damn menu. But promise me one thing."

"Anything." I told him and I knew it was true. He gave me a chance at earning money when no one else would. He gave me a reason to be happy. I would do anything for him. Within reason of course.

"Don“t lose her. She seems like she is from a good crop." He said with a smirk as he saw the blush rise on my cheeks. "And you two just seem to fit so well together." He finished with a laugh as he turned to attend to a customer.

I turned back to Ashlynn as she was immersed in her cake. A smile crossed my lips as I watched her. I really hope this is not the end between us. This is the most fun I have had in m

y entire life.

Once I was done for the day, I changed back into my jeans and long sleeve shirt, putting my hoodie on as well. It was getting dark so that meant the cold would be upon us.

I walked out of the kitchen doors and stopped short. Ashlynn was still there staring out into the distance. Why is she still here? She should“ve left a long time ago.

"Ashlynn?" I asked just loud enough for her to hear me. "Why are you still here? Shouldn“t you be home already?"

"I thought you could use a lift." She said with a smile as she stood from her seat and walked over to me. Her hair bouncing slightly with each step. "As a thank you. Those cakes were truly delicious and I will be expecting more in the future. So no slacking." She laughed and softly punched my arm.

"Fine. And thank you." I told her with a smile as I gesture for the door.

She drove me to home which I had completely forgot about. It wasn“t a home. It was the damn orphanage. Why the hell did I let her bring me here? I mentally kicked myself.

"You live here?" She asked and I took notice that it did not hold the same pity that most people used. She was staring at the large two story house that was in need of a much needed makeover. The large overgrown shrubberies blocking the lower half of the house from view. "Isn“t this a orphanage."

"Yup." I said as sadness filled my voice. I quickly reached for the handle of the door wanting to get out as quickly as I could. I should not have brought her here. I let my ideals get in the way of real life. This should never have happened. As I opened the door, her right hand grabbed my left arm.

"Wait." She said as I stopped my exit.

"What?" I said and even I noticed the same old cold tone began to creep back into my voice.

"I didn“t know." She said softly, before looking up and locking my gaze with hers. "But this doesn“t make you who you are. Your kindness and determination does. Never forget that."

How could so few words have this much of an effect on me? With just those words, I already felt she was different than the rest. She was here, at the truth of who I was and she didn“t house pity, instead she encouraged me to think differently of myself than all the rest have thought of me before.

"Thank you." I told her as stepped out of the car. I closed the door and waved goodbye. As I watched the car drive away, the feeling of loneliness washed over me again. Why was I feeling like this? There are just too many questions and far too few answers at this point. That fact really had me worried.

I walked up the stone pathway dreading what awaited me beyond the doors. Some orphanages have decent caretakers, while others are only decent when they need to be. Most times, like this one, they don“t have to be. I opened the door and walked into the dark house.

I was instantly pushed up against the wall aligning the door with a strong hand cutting off my breath. The husband, and the primary caretaker, has always hated me for some reason. A reason I truly didn“t know. He has said many things to me in the past, but never the real reason. He was a large man with a budding beer belly. His hair had begun to recede and his unkempt beard longer than it should be.

He is the main reason as to why I wear clothes that cover my torso and legs. If the public knew about this I truly did not know what might happen. But it is better this way. He relieves his anger on me and not the other two boys who currently live here. They are far too young to experience a life like this. They still have hope of being adopted.

"Well, Malachi." He said slurring my name. Oh crap, he is already drunk. This can“t be good. "It seems like it is only you and David left." Wait what? Does this mean that Ryan was adopted. I hope that is true. That boy really needed a loving family.

"Brad!" His wife, in her usual white collared buttoned shirt and a black apron on. Her short brunette bob bounced as she tried to stop her husband. "Please stop."

I was beginning to lose consciousness when the door burst off its hinges. Brad instantly let me go as I fell to the floor. Both he and his wife, Patricia, backed away from the shattered door.

"Who the hell are you?" Brad said with a voice filled with fear. His face giving off the same indication.

All I remember after that was the familiar warmth inside me as I was picked up. I remembered the coldness of the touch. I remembered the sway of bright red hair in front of my eyes as the scenery around us blurred into nothingness.

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