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   Chapter 2

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14 Years Later


~~~ Malachi (POV) ~~~


I sat in the back of the classroom, which was still empty. Since I arrived thirty minutes earlier than usual, no students were here at school with me. It gave me time to think. To read through my class notes. It gave me the peace I longed for that the students at this school never offered. I was after all the school“s nerd.

As I was going over my history essay for today“s class, I began to wonder about my own history. For the few years I stayed at the orphanage, the caretakers, refused to speak about my parents. It wasn“t until I did my own research that I found out about them. About the car accident that claimed just over eleven lives. Yet I remained.

The articles didn“t mention who dragged me out but they did mention a bystander. A bystander that save my life when no one was there to help. How I wish I could thank this person.

I put the essay down on my desk just as the first students began to walk into the classroom. In a matter of minutes the classroom was full.

I always kept to myself. It was the best way to go about these dreary school days. To this day, I don“t know how these students found out about my past, but they have used it to their advantage. Using my pain and mental anguish in order to elevate their own popularity.

I have never done anything to them, yet they did everything to me. I can“t remember how many times I was sent to the nurses office with bruises on my body or cuts on my face. I just needed to last until graduation and then I would be home free.

I could move out of the orphanage, and then I could make my own. A fresh start so to say. But it was still seven months down the line. Seven months until I can find a sliver of happiness.

I sat there, staring out the window as the rain began to batter against the windows. It was turning into a really dreary and cold day. Thankfully, I remembered my loose black hoodie that now provided me with the well needed warmth.

"Alright class." Mr Harris boomed as he entered the classroom. To be honest, he didn“t look like a typical teacher. He wore light blue jeans, t-shirts with multiple sayings on them. The one today said, “Do Not Disturb. Already Quite Disturbed.“ It was a white shirt with black writing. "Morning." He said with a smile, as the class quietened and then returned his greeting. He ran his fingers through his crop of dirty blonde hair and then adjusted his thin black glasses.

"It seems that on this dreadfully rainy day." He motioned to the windows with his right hand. "We have a ray of sunshine. Our class is getting a new student, who just transferred in."

Everyone seemed to be happy at this little tidbit of news. But how could I be. It would just be another student who either completely ignores my presences, or joins in on my torment to gain a higher standing in the school“s popularity polls.

I continued to stare out the window only faintly listening to what the teacher had to say. I just wanted this day to be over. Then I could be where I actually wanted to be. At work. Even though my school life is completely undesirable, my work on the other hand wasn“t. I worked as a assistant cook at the local cafe just a few streets down from the school. And I loved it.

"Please, Miss Nichol." He said gesturing for the new student to enter the classroom, and apparently its a girl. That doesn“t bode well for me. They tend to want popularity a little more than their opposing gender. "Class. This is Miss Ashlynn Nichol." I turned my head towards them just as he gestured for her to introduce herself.

My eyes widened. I have never seen anyone like her. Her long softly curled bright red hair that hung down past her breasts. The dark eyeliner that accentuated her eyes. It wasn“t enough to be considered emo but it was enough to give her a dark aura. An aura that most of the bad boys and bad girls of the school have.

"I“m Ashlynn." She began talking and instantly my mind blanked. Her soft smooth voice sending shivers down my spine. Is that an Irish accent? It truly sounded heavenly. And now listen to me. I sound like a hopeless romantic. I shouldn“t get my hopes up. It always comes crashing down. My years in the orphanage taught me that. "I just moved here with my folks and now I have to go to sch

ool here. So yeah." She ended and I got the faintest idea that she was lying. But why though?

"Thank you Ashlynn. Please take the available seat next to Mr Keats in the back." He said as he gestured to me. What! I shouted in my mind. Why would he put her next to me? Why can“t he just put her with the rest of the snobby uptight girls in this class. This may not end well. I thought to myself as I heard the gasps and whispers erupt at the mention of her seating arrangement.

She made her way over to me as she held her backpack strap over her right shoulder. She wore a black long sleeve buttoned up collared shirt that was rolled up to her elbows. Her black jeans may have been a little too tight, but honestly speaking, it worked for her.

She caught my gaze and offered a small smile of her own as her face lit up slightly. I averted my gaze down to my essay before quickly switching for the rainy view out the window. I tried to control my breathing as to not let off that she made me nervous. Hopefully it was working well.

What I wasn“t expecting was that if I concentrated just enough, I could see her reflection in the window. She sat back in her chair crossing her arms in from of her chest. I watched as she took quick glances in my my direction. I was beginning to wonder why. Why would she even care? Did she care? Was she planning something? Did she already know of my reputation?

My mind began to wonder with these questions just as the bell rang ending the first period. I didn“t realize so much time had passed. I was just content in seeing her reflection. I quickly picked up my books and bag, making a straight line towards the door. I didn“t want to give the rest of the students any time to cause me any trouble.

I made my way to my locker as I put my books inside. Again, I began to think of the beautiful redhead who sat next to me. Just as I closed my locker, I was pushed hard into it, causing my head to bang loudly against it.

"Watch it, Nerd." I heard the familiar voice of my main tormentor. Haylie Andrews, wearing faded pink jeans and a long sleeve bright blue shirt which showed off her midriff. Her long straight blonde hair pulled into a ponytail and hung down the center of her back. One could say she was the Queen of the school. The most popular girl who just so happened to finish off the cliche of being the captain of the cheerleader. "I saw the look you were giving Ashlynn. Do you think she could ever like someone like you." She spat the words at me with disgust filling them. "You“re nothing but a nerd." She pushed me again before she walked away.

I know I should defend myself, but it would only make matters worse. My torment would be worse. It has basically been beat into me that if I attempt to fight back, more will follow. Although I am used to the beatings, it really began to hinder my day to day life. When it began affecting my work, I knew it would be better if I just let it happen. It would be a lie if I said I wasn“t already used to it.

Yet as I stood there trying to keep my eyes from darting to the inevitable crowds that have gathered, I hoped against all odds that Ashlynn didn“t see this.

The tried to keep my head down and succeeded. To my surprise there weren“t any other incidents today. This is an odd occurrence in my life.

I walked into the cafeteria, quickly making my way to the food counter. I grabbed a tray and got myself a burger with sloppy fries. I made my over to the table in the back where oddly enough, no one ever sits at. I think it“s due to my presence there. As I walked over to the table, I overheard some conversations regarding Ashlynn.

Apparently she already has a bit of a bad girl reputation. She turned down Haylie regarding joining the cheerleading squad and even made some comments about her excessive make up. She punched Mark, the football team“s quarterback and captain, when he asked her out and grabbed her ass. He also just so happens to be dating Haylie, the school“s Queen. She even, apparently, skipped a couple classes to wonder the school grounds. At least she did so after it stopped raining.

I sat down and was about to begin eating when I heard a tray slide in front of me. I looked up from the cheese burger in my hands to the redhead who just sat down. A smile adorning her face.

Why is she sitting here?

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