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   Chapter 33

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Once I had leeched all of Loki“s power from her I opened up the portal to the other realm. It took a few seconds to understand how it worked, but once her power became mine, it was easy to understand.

The shimmer appeared yet it was not the same, instead of the normal shimmer like look of it, it held a gold glow. It would seem that some of my power was affecting it.

I stepped through the portal with Loki hanging over my left shoulder. Even if I hated her and blamed her for Bailey“s death, I couldn“t leave her body to the people of my world. Worst case scenario, she would be taken by some form of government and studied until her body was no more.

Once I stepped through I surveyed the damage that has been done to the canyon that led up to my home. The home I once thought would be mine and Bailey“s. I looked to the center of the broken ground and found what I was looking for.

Dropping Loki onto the floor with a loud thud I slowly walked over to Bailey“s lifeless form. Still untouched from when I last saw here. Tears began to roll from my eyes as they streamed down my cheeks. I bent down and with my right hand shifted some of her red hair from her face before caressing her right cheek.

What am I suppose to do now that she is gone. She became my everything. She was the reason why I could push myself to my limits. It was because I knew she was there to save me. I sat against the ground next to her not letting my gaze leave her.

I wrapped my arms around my knees and clasped them tightly. For now I was merely thinking of the past I had shared with her, regardless of how short. However, I was not expecting what happened next.

A soft voice that seemed filled with concern and love sounded out behind me. I didn“t even sense anyone approach and yet she took me by surprise. Yet, I still didn“t turn my gaze from Bailey.

"Kai." The smooth voice said as she came to a stop next to me.

"What do you want Frigga?" I asked her, my voice betraying the pain I felt at this moment. The only reason I knew it was her, was because of Odin“s knowledge. With her around, a sense of calm and serenity would spread outwards. As well as sense of familiarity that Odin“s Eye expelled in her presence.

"I“m sorry this had to happen

"You humans have grasped the concepts of our nature. Our beliefs. And yet you can“t figure out where she would be." She said as she slowly stood up, clearly agitated at my ignorance.

"You“re referring to Valhalla?" I asked wondering if I was correct in assuming so.

"Of course!" She almost shouted. Maybe I rub off on her in the wrong way? Does she not like me or something.

"But isn“t that only for humans? How can a Goddess go to Valhalla?" I asked not thinking about what I was asking.

"Did I not just say she lost her powers? She was in all aspects human." Frigga said as she turned towards me. Still agitated that it took this long to understand what she was trying to tell me.

I stood up slowly as the tears from my eyes stopped. The flames around my robes firing brightly with a golden glow. I knew what I needed to do and I knew that I must do this no matter what.

"But I must tell you of the issues you will face." Frigga said that caught my attention. "You must return her soul to her body so you are very limited within the time frame for this. I would give it at maximum a week. And that is generous. The other thing is that since Odin is no longer living, the biggest obstacle you face is now free to its own command."

"Which is?" I asked as I noticed her go quiet.

"The Valkyries." She said and my hopes fell.

Yet all I knew is that I have a week to get this done. I have week to save the woman I love. And I will accomplish this.

I will save her.

** END **

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