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   Chapter 32

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"Kai, enough!" Frederick spoke loudly still holding up Amy whose mouth continue to stream blood. The bloodshot eyes showed that the electrical outburst had done more damage that initially thought. For a being that strong, a type advantage was really surprising. Is this why Thor could subdue her so easily?

"Who are you to determine that this is enough?" I spoke harshly letting my anger seep through my voice. "What gave you the right to do so?" I added as I continued to slowly stalk towards a now frightened looking Amy. The ends of her hair that before was fading into a mist, was now flickering between the mist ends and normal hair ends.

"Kai, please." Frederick begged as he continued to hold up Loki who had begun to stare at me with pained eyes. "She is our friend. Please consider this."

"She is the person who killed my girlfriend over a pitiful excuse like the one she gave." I said as the distance between us was already shortened by just over half. The electricity shooting from me was not lessened in the slightest. My anger still flowing brightly. "She took everything from me. Actions have consequences. And now it is her time to pay for what she has done."

I disappeared from where I was standing in a blast of electrical energy that cracked the ground, and ceiling where the electrical bolts struck. In an instant I appeared in front of Frederick, lifting my right leg and kicked him against his chest plate, shattering it under the impact. He flew backwards over the edge of what appeared to be stairs as he plummeted down towards the entrance of this so called temple.

Loki was now staggering on her feet as she used what was left of her energy to keep her footing. Her form began to flicker between the male and female version of herself. As the damage on her body took a toll, her magic began to short. The familiar shimmer surrounded her as I lunged forward grabbing her throat pushing her and myself into it.

The darkness came and gone as I found myself holding her in the air on a mountain peak. The harsh winds barraging our bodies with the harsh temperature and the speed of the winds. Yet nothing happened to us. I pushed my strength into my arm and I brought her down to the ground beneath my feet.

The impact knocking the air from her lungs as the impact sound boomed across the air around us. The pressure of the strength I used caved in the mountain as it broke all around us, sending us into the abyss within. More rocks fell as we did showing us that the mountain itself was coming down. But now, it was evident that it wasn“t a mountain but rather a dormant volcano. The heat within was a sudden change which caused a pained look to appear on the now male Loki“s face.

Both of us impacted against the hard crust that now covered the bottom of the volcano, which is probably why it is dormant. However, with the hard impacts of both us and the rocks above, large cracks erupted around us, bringing in more heat. I stumbled backwards from the enormous rumbling shake of the volcano which gave Loki some time to get to his feet. Spitting up blood he continued to gaze towards me with a look of pain. Which was quickly switching to anger.

I was distracted by the small blobs of molten lava that erupted from t

on the ground.

"Don“t do this?" I said as my anger began to seep into my calm voice. "Isn“t that what the numerous people back in your world shouted as you mindlessly slaughtered them? Isn“t that what many would beg before you killed them for fun? If you don“t want me to do this, why did you kill Bailey? Why did you take my girlfriend from me?"

Loki suddenly shifted to his original form as Amy made an appearance. It was becoming a little grieving for me to think of them this way but I couldn“t merge them into a single gender. Whichever form they were in was the gender that my mind refereed to them as.

"I did it for us." She said as a tears fell from her eyes. "I did it so we could be together. Why don“t you understand that. She was an obstacle that stood between us."

"An obstacle you say?" I asked before I appeared in front of her in an instant kicking her chest with enough power to send her flying for hundreds of meters. However, I didn“t make it easy for her. As soon as I kicked her I appeared behind her a few meters back. As her flying body crossed my path I brought my right fist down and punched her into the ground, creating a circular crater with a seven meter radius. "She was everything to me!" I shouted as the ground shook with my anger. The people in the stadium still had not moved a muscle. One would think that they would run by now, but it seemed that their minds overloaded with seeing the events before them. "She was the only one keeping me sane!" I added as I lifted my right leg and brought it down with enough power to kill almost all mortals.

I watched as blood poured from her mouth as she fell unconscious. I reached down and grabbed her black sweater just under her chest with my right hand, lifting off the ground half a meter or so. I felt the power within her body as I began to slowly leech it from her. Ensuring that she could no longer cause any more trouble.

What I didn“t expect was that I would gain access to her memories. Memories that I could not block. Memories that showed me a truth that I would never have even thought possible. A truth that shook everything I believed.

"Sisters?" I let out softly.

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