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   Chapter 31

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"Oh you pathetic boy." Amy said with a cackle. With her standing in Loki“s place. A scythe in her hands, still wearing her dark graduation gown. Her converse sneakers visible on her feet. Her hair now black, the ends disappearing into the same mist like substance as Loki“s did.

"How?" I said still in disbelief that she could be here. The last I saw of here was when I showed up at the graduation when Loki made an appearance using her body as a host. Why didn“t I think she could also be brought through to this world.

"My dear little idiot." She said with a laugh as she slowly walked over to me. My eyes still wide in shock. "Why are you so shocked?" She added with her laugh turning into a soft cackle. "After all the trouble I went through to bring you here. So we could be together."

"..." I failed to say a single word. My mind completely blank. Just what was she talking about? What did she mean that she brought me here? Is she Loki or is Loki her? It was just too confusing.

Everyone present within the room was speechless. Although the Grandmaster and KnightDemon had no idea who she was, the looks on both mine and Gareth“s faces stilled them into quiet confusion.

"This has all been for you. For us." She said as the scythe vanished into a black mist, the graduation gown tightening onto her body before it began to morph into a different set of clothes. She now wore a tight fitting latex pants, with a long sleeve black v-neck shirt. "We can finally be together." She added as she had now covered half of the distance between us.

"Explain." I said as a confused look crossed my face. My thought s running rampant on the different scenarios that this could either be or could progress further.

"I set all this up for you." She said with a smile and a loving look on her face. If I didn“t know what had happened between us as well as everything in between, I would have believed it. "When father told me of your future arrival, I set things in motion. Ensuring that you did." She continued as she now came to a stop in front of me, with only half a meters distance between us.

"You brought me here?" I asked as my confusion only rose further and further. Unable to hold anything back and let it escape through my lips.

"Yes. So we could rule together. As it was meant to be." Amy said softly as her right hand came up to stroke my left cheek softly.

"But..." I began but trailed off as I looked into her eyes. I just couldn“t get a hold of my own thoughts. Nothing made sense.

"You don“t have to think anymore. I am using my true form for you. Not many know this form." She said as she indicated towards herself with her left hand. Did she just say that Loki is female. Never in the history of mythology has Loki ever been depicted as a female. It was becoming stranger and stranger with each passing second.

"How did you come to my world?" I asked her as the dark flames that my wings were

of emotion cross his wrinkled face. My words were getting to him. I may have hit too close to home.

"Paladin. Remove this filth." The grandmaster said with anger seeping into his words. However, KnightDemon didn“t move as the old man expected, instead KnightDemon turned to the old man with a shocked expression.

"Why?" He asked as he titled his head to the side to indicate the sarcastic way to show he wants to hear the Grandmaster properly.

"I have ordered his removal. His sins against this Church are far too many." The old man leaned forward slightly as his voice rose in volume. "He needs to be made an example of to any who wish to go against the Church."

"But he hasn“t gone against the Church." KnightDemon said as his right hand found its way his sword“s handle. "He has only spoken out against you."

"To go against me is to go against god!" The old man was close to shouting now as he placed his hands on the arm rests on his throne.

"And there we have it ladies and gentlemen!" I said loudly. The effect on the prolonged power use beginning to affect my mind. "He views himself a god!"

"Paladin!" The old man shouted as he rose to a standing position. "I order you to remove that non-believer!"

"No." KnightDemon said as he stood up straighter and turned to face me. "I“m sorry. Please continue." I was at first confused at his actions as he seemed to have made a complete one eighty degree turn.

However, disregarding his actions, I turned towards Loki and found that Gareth had now helped her to a standing position. Blood spat from her mouth as a steady stream leaked from its sides. She was struggling to stand but thanks to Gareth who had a strong hold on her, she stood humped over slightly.

I began my stalk towards her as the electricity increased. The anger mixed with my tinge of madness, made it far more powerful.

"Let“s continue, shall we." I said as I closed the distance between us with every step.

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