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   Chapter 30

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With my second step I disappeared into a black flash and appeared in front of a shocked Loki not a second later.

The black on my skin dancing around as if trying to gain a hold but failing to do so. I shot my right hand up and aimed a punch towards Loki“s chest. However, it didn“t connect. My punch stopped mere centimeters from him as if caught by a soft force. The air around my fist rippled as if the fabric of reality was straining to prevent the passage through.

But the force of the punch was unlike anything before and managed to continue on its path, despite the interference. Loki was shot backwards as he came to a sliding stop a few meters back. A small stream of blood appeared from the left of his mouth before coming to a abrupt halt.

The look of shock in his eyes meant nothing to me. I was merely giving my beast what it wanted. Blood. Loki“s blood. As long as I could give him more, he would be sated. After all, what else is there to do.

Without giving Loki time to regain his composure and formulate a plan of attack, I shot forward once more. Aiming another punch to his chest. However, something very unexpected occurred. Instead of it merely connecting, the entire area around both of us shimmered within a distortion.

My surroundings blurred into black before colour began to quickly formulate its way back into the surroundings. It was at this time the beasts motives and worries became my own. To the me of now, I had no intention of worrying about my surroundings nor caring for how it came to be.

My entire focus was solely on Loki before me, completely disregarding the havoc we wrecked. The destruction that we caused. Because to me, all this meant nothing if Loki survived.

If I had been focusing, I would have found myself standing atop the Space Needle in Seattle. Loki flying backwards from the impact breaking the needle rising high into the sky. It broke off and bouncing once, it fell to the ground below. Loki on the other hand, was standing behind the severed needle base with a dark look in his eyes. Anger seemed to pour off of him with every breath.

He rushed towards me with a single step, seemingly flying through the air between us. His right hand shot forward grabbing a hold of my throat. Due to the immense speed, I was taken aback and failed to put up any defence. I was pushed back a meter or so before my body was pushed downwards. With the pressure that Loki expelled, both of us burst through the ceiling and into the restaurant below. Effectively breaking off a piece of the restaurant, causing it to fall towards the streets below.

But then the air around us shimmered once more. This time the intensity of it was almost twice than previous. The restaurant around us seemed to blur together to create a blob of colours. Before it suddenly blurred into darkness. It was the same as the previous time. Darkness and then the soft light of our new destination.

and kicked him in his chest with enough power to crack his armour.

He flew back towards Loki who managed to bring forth a weapon made of the same mist the endings of his hair seemed to disappear into. The weapon was a scythe. Odd, I don“t remember him having a scythe. He should rather use daggers, or his staff. A scythe is a little out of his persona, I thought.

With a twist of his body, he brought the bottom of the scythe around and slammed it into Frederick“s body. Causing him to fly towards the Grandmaster. Sliding to a stop, spitting up blood, Frederick“s eyes were bright with rage. Anyone could see that he was struggling to stay conscious.

"Why is it like this?" He said with a groan. His anger clear within his voice. "Why can“t I beat you? You have to be cheating! You have to be!" He began to shout losing control of his normally calm persona. "I am the better brother! I am the one everyone loves! You are nothing! A waste of space!" He shouted more which caught my attention. Did he really just say that?

Then it dawned on me. The reason why he was so familiar to me. The reason why I felt an unhealthy bond towards him. He was my own brother. Gareth.

"What?" A single word escaped my lips as I turned to face him. Why the hell is he playing a game like this? Further more, why is he even playing such games? Isn“t he the sportsman of the family? Why would he bring himself to play something that he mocked me over all these years.

"I am supposed to be the best brother. I am greater than you." He said as blood continued to pour out his mouth. The gaming engine was losing power over certain parameters and limitations.

Then a voice sounded out that I did not think I would ever hear again.

"Isn“t this a wondrous reunion?" The female voice said with obvious joy.

I turned to face the origin of the familiar voice and stopped dead in my tracks.

"It can“t be you." I said wide eyed as a smirk covered her lips.

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