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   Chapter 29

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Loki! I thought in anger as I stared up at the floating throne that began its slow decent to the canyon floor. It was at this point I truly wished that Bailey stayed out of sight and within the confines of the castle. I don“t think I could protect her otherwise.

"My, my, Kai." He said with a chuckle at his own words. He stopped the clapping and instead placed his hands on the thrones armrests. "I am astonished at the outcome."

"It doesn“t matter to you does it?" I asked him not letting a single thing slip through my sights. I needed to remain vigilant but calm with this monster in my presence.

"Not really, no." Loki said with indifference as his gaze never left mine. "With Thor and Odin gone from this world, there are no more that can stand in my way. I will accomplish what I set out to do." He added with a bright smile.

"But I will." I told him trying to sound as confident as I thought I was. It was a gamble that I hoped would pan out, but knew it was unlikely.

The throne came to a soft stop on the broken canyon ground before Loki calmly and effortlessly stood up. As he did so, the throne disappeared into a black mist. The memories I had of various depictions of Loki didn“t prepare me for what I saw here today. Although the Avengers Loki was very close, the differences here were the same as a common house cat and a majestic tiger.

He was taller than I thought reaching six foot and seven inches. His posture was impeccable. His hands hung loosely by his side. The air of power hanging around him wasn“t any less short of absolutely terrifying. In my current state, I might not stand a chance against him. But I had to try.

I rushed forward with the combined speed of my Mergent nature as I kept my weapon in its hammer form. From the memories I had of the past Loki“s, he was always brought down by Thor and his hammer. I just hoped I could live up to the tradition.

I made it to a meter in front of him when I was thrown to his right side as if nothing. I crashed into the canyon wall causing it to crack upwards. I stared wide eyed at the monster before me. How can he possibly be this strong? Even Thor wasn“t as powerful as this. At my current level I should be able to handle him.

"I know what you“re thinking." Loki“s voice resonated within the canyon. Along with his chuckle. A sense of dread overcame me, causing me to fully understand the trouble I was in at this moment. "My power isn“t something to merely remember. It is ever growing. That is the nature of my kind."

"Asgardians don“t have that trait." I said through gritted teeth as I stood up and equipped my Crimson Edge. A sword that I h

erage before converging on a single point in the middle.

It shot down and smashed into my back. A large bright blue-white circle of energy appeared around me. It wasn“t as complex as the willing contract that Scale performed, but it held far more power. It rotated clockwise with tremendous speed before the circle duplicated and rose up. In a span of a few seconds, four circles appeared around me. Before shooting inwards and merging with my current state.

My fire wings now covered in pitch black flames as three scale like horns erupted from my chest. The two outer horns were small compared to the middle and only rose from my skin two inches at the most. The middle one rose out by six inches. Near the four inch mark, it suddenly titled upwards. Three smaller sharp horns appeared on the outside of each of my forearms. Two bright glowing blue tattoos appeared from just below my eyes, and reached down to my jaw.

My eyes shone a crystal blue, glowing as if trying to burst forth with unknown energy. I stood up slowly with my head lowered and my gaze still on Bailey“s lifeless body. The ground cracked beneath my feet as I felt my body strain from the power. Although I could hold on, as soon as the power disappears I am not sure what would happen to me.

I lifted my gaze to find a wide eyed Loki staring back at me. I could see a hint of fear and confusion within his eyes. Nothing but rage flowed through mine.

As I took a step forward, the familiar black of the beast began to swirl across my skin. My hands formed the familiar claws. But my face remained unchanged. My armour already sucked into my body as the black took over.

With my second step I disappeared into a black flash and appeared in front of a shocked Loki not a second later.

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