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   Chapter 28

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We stood poised for the fight, but neither of us were willing to make the first move. Since neither of us have shown our true power, we were sceptical about the initial attack. In most cases it would be the first to attack that would lose. Although I had high trust within my own capabilities, I just couldn“t be sure of his.

I stood with my left shoulder facing him, with my eyes set firmly on his. My hammer, now transformed into Gungnir, Odins spear. I held the middle with my right hand, tightening it with every breath that crossed my lips.

I watched his every movement, his every twitch. If he was going to make a move, I would know about it. I watched his eyes for the smallest of movements. I watched and kept note of his breathing as the seconds passed.

The air filling the canyon became thick with the tension between us. No one dared to move, as Scale hovered high above us both.

As the red armoured man“s eyes began to close for a blink, I took this chance and used an instant burst of speed to propel me forward. Closing the ten meter distance in a mere second. Clearly taking the red man by surprise.

Unfortunately, it did not last long. He regained his composure as he tightened the grip on his sword. The thrust I was planning tore through the air without a single sound being emitted. The power behind it rivalled more than the silver and the gold knights knew.

The thrust pierced passed the right side of the old man as he twisted to the right. Bringing his sword down to point towards his right side, he successfully deflected the thrust.

Following through with the momentum of the thrust, I quickly place my left hand on the pole nearer to the back, and twisted my body to the right as quickly as I could, putting as much speed and power into the next attack as it could possibly hold.

Twisting around, I placed my right on the ground as I used it as my pivot foot. Turning on the spot, when I ended up near the full revolution, I planted my left foot down and focused my weight onto it. I brought the spear around and slammed it into the red armoured man as he tried to bring his sword around for a block. He was a few milliseconds to late.

The spear slammed into his side causing a spat of blood to expel from his lips and a pained expression to cross his face. He slid to the right for a few meters but he sustained his footing. The determined look in his eyes didn“t falter, instead he I found his eyes brimming with content and joy.

He shot forward with speed that nearly matched my own as he brought his sword downward in a diagonal arc, aiming for my left shoulder. I brought up the spear horizontally to stop his attack, but it held enough strength to push my hold down a few notches as his sword dug into my left shoulder, drawing blood.

I could feel the beast within me fighting for control, and I was barely hold

e size of a basketball. But instead of shooting towards the enemy, the front half burst open and flooded outwards.

The now charging red armoured man was unable to dodge. He had to take the attack full on. He erupted a light barrier that covered his entire front in a half sphere. It would seem that he discarded the back in order to reinforce the front.

But it wasn“t enough. The Chaos Fire eroded the shield in a small amount of time and covered the entire body of the armoured man. His screams rushed forth fully showing the amount of pain he felt. His body fell to the floor roughly as he writhed in the never ending pain. It took a few seconds before his screams died down along with his body. A now lifeless husk was seen in the middle of the battlefield with its muscles taught and misformed.

The silver and gold knights stared on in awe. They had never seen their beloved general get hurt this much, much less dying of course. He was the undefeated general of their army. And yet...

Suddenly they all fell lifeless as their armour clanged together before falling silent as they settled on the floor.

Slow clapping could be heard filling the canyon which caused my sights to look up.

Upon a floating throne made from pitch black rock with sharp edges that seemed as if built to hurt anyone who touched it. As if its sole purpose was to draw blood. Yet the man who sat upon it was not bleeding, not did he seem in pain. Instead a ghostly smile lit up his pale face as his long shoulder length black hair ended with a mist like substance.

He wore a tight fitting black robe with sharp edges above his shoulders. On his left hand he wore a black ring on each finger. Each one in the shape of strange beast like skulls. His dark black eyes staring at me with a full blown malicious feeling behind them. Instantly I knew who he was.

After all the knowledge I held came from his foster father.

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