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   Chapter 27

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"The church sends their regards, Beast." The old man said with a deep voice that held the threat of imminent danger.

"The church?" I said with a half smile. "Why do you think that you have any right to be here?" I asked him as I dropped the smile and glared into his eyes.

"We have come to exterminate the demon that you are." The red armoured man said as he tightened the grip on his spear and with his left and gripped the top of the handle of his golden sword.

"Demon?" I said as the smile returned to my lips. "Now that is new term."

"Regardless." The man in red said as he lifted the spear slightly and let it swung down slowly until it was horizontal with the ground. "This is the end of your existence."

"If you say so." I told him as I poured my magic into the sword.

Instead of changing its form I pour magic into the sword continuously waiting for it to build up in order to let loose a Chaos Slash. Knowing that my affinity for Chaos magic has risen, I was anxious to see the devastation brought forth from the attack.

With a twist of his right hand, the soldiers behind him let loose attacks based on light. Although none of them were as strong as Frederick“s, the quantity made sure that the power combined would be far greater.

I let loose the Chaos Slash as it cut through the ground beneath it as it closed the distance between itself and the enemy very quickly.

The barrage of light attacks smashed into the Chaos Slash causing an eruption to burst forth. The power of which caused a large shock wave to blow outwards, cracking the ground and throwing the loose pieces into the air.

I shot forward through the shock wave, but the other soldiers weren“t as lucky. The shock wave failed to affect the man in the red armour, but caused the rest to falter where they stood.

I burst through the explosion with fire and steam falling off my body as I emerged from the center. The man in red seemed ready for me as he dropped his spear and grabbed his sword in his right hand. He poured his energy and magical power into his sword as it began to light up a bright white, while I poured my Chaos magic into my own sword making it glow a dark black with a purplish tint to it.

Bringing my sword in a diagonal slash aiming at his right shoulder, I unleashed every but of power held within my sword. Clashing against the red armoured man“s sword.

The power from both our

ves could be foreseen within my head. This situation left no doubt within me that they would retaliate in a way unfitting for them.

I stood proudly with the blood of the fallen soldiers coating my bare chest. My once golden hair now shining darkly with the same blood. Not a single drop my own. I could only imagine my visage as one of a terrifying sight.

The silver and gold knights showed their fear within their shaky movements, but the red armoured knight seemed to have a smile no his old wrinkled face. To him, he probably hasn“t met a foe as strong as I, and now he was hoping for a fight. A fight where he could unleash his all.

Our eyes locked as the old red armoured knight took a step forward indicating his will for a one-on-one fight. A fight I would be more than willing to give him.

He moved away from his the other soldiers and with a wave of his right hand, still clasping his sword, indicated to his fellow comrades to stay out of the fight. Our stances became horizontal to that of the soldiers as smiles adorned both our lips.

The old man got into his stance with his right leg placed firmly behind his left as if he was about to shoot forward. His right hand holding the sword over his left bent elbow as the blade was mere inches from the right side of his face. The look in his eyes showed his fulfilment towards the fight before him.

All I could think of was that this would be a decent enough test before I needed to finish what I was brought here to do.

To fight the one evil that many took for granted. The one evil that has plagued the dimensions for millennia.

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