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   Chapter 26

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I awoke in an odd room. A room fit for a King. With a dark golden four post bed with the canopy draped with dark purple curtains that cut off the room form the bed. But they were draped aside, allowing me to see the enormous room that I was currently accommodating.

There was a large wooden desk that looked as if it belonged to someone of the King“s court to the left of the room, with a door leading somewhere else to the right of the bed. In front of the bed was the large two set wooden doors that I assumed lead out of the room. There were three large ceiling to floor windows behind the desk with the middle one opening up to the balcony behind it.

I tried to sit up but found myself stopped by a pressure on my chest. I glanced down and found a familiar redhead laying with her head on my right shoulder and her right arm wrapped tightly around my chest.

Which I now saw was bare. How did she manage this? I glanced over at her torso that was pressed firmly into my side and found her wearing a lace light pink night gown that peaked my interest. For two reasons really.

One was that I really wanted to see what was underneath as all men do, and the second was that I was not aware that this world had night gowns and began to wonder how she came to acquire one.

But at this moment he was content with her in the same bed as him. Even though nothing happened between them, he was happy. Happy at the thought that she was willing to share a bed with him.

He felt her stir as her right arm tightened slightly making him smile at the movement. When her right arm suddenly left his chest he had a small lonely feeling within him. He watched as her right hand went up to her face and rubbed her eyes softly before she placed her hand back down onto the center of his chest.

She looked up with sleep filled eyes and it took a few moments for her to realise that I was staring back down at her. With a smile on my face.

Her torso raised off the bed quickly as reality dawned on her. Using my chest, she pushed herself up until she almost towered over me.

"Kai!" She exclaimed with a smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes. "You“re awake!" She added as she fell to my chest and hugged me close. "I was so worried." She ended as a soft sob left her lips.

"Bailey, what“s wrong?" I asked as I brought my left arm up and stroked her right shoulder trying to calm her shaking frame.

"You were unconscious for a week." She said as she lifted her gaze until her face was right next to mine. Her eyes darted down to my lips as she licked hers.

I lifted my right arm causing her to fall slightly into me until our lips were mere millimetres away. I close the distance and softly touched my lips to hers. It wasn“t a long nor was it a rough need for passion like kiss, but the small gesture held more passion and emotion than any before it. In a moment the kiss broke and I opened my eyes to see hers closed with a blissful look

his are meant to last forever. As it was at that moment that the sound of metal clashing and the heavy foot falls of hundreds of feet sounded throughout the canyon. Someone was coming, and they brought a lot of friends.

I let go of Bailey and took a step in front of her as if to place myself between her and the enemy. I let my gaze fall to the entrance of the canyon as I watched the hundreds of soldiers enter. All wearing shining sets of armour that many would attribute to knights. Most were silver, but some were a bright gold. All holding a long spear in their right hands and a sword strapped to the left of their waist.

I had a feeling that something like this would happen. Especially with the monster appearing so suddenly like that in a town.

I took a step forward allowing me space to lift my right foot and place it on the railing of the balcony as I launched myself forward towards the soldiers. I flew through the air quickly as I decided to land directly in the middle of the canyon. Successfully stopping their advance.

I landed with a loud boom as the floor cracked beneath the impact. The soldiers immediately stopped as I lifted my right hand behind me. Mystos Wrath instantly flying from the castle doors and into my hand. Unsheathed.

I lifted my gaze to the soldiers as my gold hair fell around my face giving me an ominous look. To these soldiers before me, I must have looked like some sort of madman. Dressed in only padded leggings, with my torso bare. An unsheathed sword in my right hand, with my long hair resting around my face, while some strands fell in front of it.

A soldier in bright red armour walked forward. He was not wearing a helmet revealing the aged face of an experience warrior with pure white hair and a look in his eyes that showed that he had seen far too much death for this lifetime.

"The church sends their regards, Beast." The old man said with a deep voice that held the threat of imminent danger.

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