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   Chapter 25

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I felt every last inch of my body burst with pain as the attack surrounded me. It felt as if the nerve endings within my entire body were beginning to singe. Burning from tip to the end of their respective nerve lines. I screamed a silent scream as I put every last ounce of my conscious into protecting Bailey within my arms.

After a minute or two the pain finally lessened, as the numbness took hold of me. Barely able to feel my own body, I had no hope of feeling Bailey within my arms.

I fell to the ground as my arms slipped from around Bailey. With the last moments of my consciousness I heard the frightened screams of the residents of the towns. The panicked scream that came from Bailey“s lips. I could only imagine the frightened look upon her face as my eyes were still blind from the trauma inflicted upon me.

"How dare you embarrass me?" I heard a man shout from my left. The voice sounded familiar but I had a hard time trying to identify it. "You will pay for what you have done to me."

My consciousness was failing me at the moment as I was barely able to comprehend what was happening to me. But the next thing this man said would cement itself within me. Awaken a part of me that I did not even know I had. Even with the wealth of the knowledge afforded me, this aspect remained hidden.

"And I will destroy that bitch too." The voice said catching my full attention. The synapses within my brain began to fire full throttle, awakening my inner self. A self I acquired when I agreed to Chaos magic.

The pain within my body washed away as if it was never there, while power flowed through me. However it was not a smooth transition, as my body was not accustomed to this amount of power.

My body shook as it was pushed far beyond its limits. The bright blue sky clouded over with dark grey heavyset clouds. Lightning rippled across its surface as thunderous claps were heard throughout the kingdom. The winds surrounding the town picked up as they rushed through the streets. Many of the occupants still currently within the town, struggled against the winds not noticing that they were all converging on a single location. Towards a single male.

The winds surrounded my form as the pushed Bailey away from me. My skin colour changed into pure black that barely reflected the light above the town. My eyes lost all colour and now shone a bright white that glowed against the dark black.

My armour and clo

. He didn“t want this anymore.

I, on the other hand, only wanted my body back. But the anger was still there. The hated still thriving within the pool that was my emotions. And Frederick was the outlet. Unfortunately for him.

The beast closed the distance between them once more before pain erupted throughout my entire body. The winds pulsing around my body died down, but the thunderous claps of thunder continued to burst forth.

My clawed hands lifted to my head as I let out a loud scream filled with pain.

I felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around me. But instead of a threat, I felt content and filled with the need to calm down.

I could feel the pain that Bailey held within her as she watched what became of me. It confused me slightly but the pain of the transformation back was enough to quench those thoughts. My skin changed back to its original colour, while the armour that merged within me, was brought forth with a pain almost as bad as previous.

My clawed hands reverted to their natural state along with my mouth and eyes. I fell limply into Bailey“s arms unable to will enough strength to keep me standing. All the while hearing the sobs from her lips. It pained me more that I was the cause of it than all the pain I felt before.

All of my strength failed me, as I could barely keep my eyes open. I felt her right hand brush against my left cheek.

"Please don“t leave me." She said softly as she bent down and kissed my forehead.

That was the last thing I remembered before darkness overtook me. And the bright white eyes that glowed against the black around it stared into my own.

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