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   Chapter 24

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"What?" I asked Bailey looking at her with a confused look on my face.

"Your hair is gold. Not the usual white." She said as she lifted her right hand and began to stroke my hair softly. "And its longer. Like your hair back on earth."

"Is it now?" I asked her with a soft smile on my lips as I helped her into a standing position. Dusting off the sides of her frame and hips, earning myself a slap from her.

"Oh, sorry!" She immediately apologised while chuckling softly. "It was a response out of habit." She added as she leaned into me. Placing her head on my right shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her relishing in the contact. "My head feels weird." She said softly as her arms snaked around my torso.

"What do you mean?" I asked her as I breathed out softly into her ear making her shiver. "Like a headache?"

"No, just weird." She said with a giggle as she hugged me tighter.

We broke the hug after a few minutes as well as a small head ramming into my left leg.

We both looked down to see the red dragon staring up at us with a black expression. I knew how Bailey would react remembering the first time she saw Ninja.

"So cute!" She said as she knelt down quickly and grabbed the sides of the baby dragons head. It would seem that even with the events that have occurred all around us, she could still be distracted by a cute little animal. "What“s its name?" She asked as she brought the baby dragon into a hug.

"Haven“t named him yet." I told her honestly as I looked around for Ninja who I found lying down next to the exit of the tunnel, waiting patiently for us. "Why don“t you." I said as I brought my attention back to her.

"Really? Can I?" She asked with a bright smile as she stroked the dragon along its spine, eliciting a soft purr like noise from its belly. "How about Scale?" She said before repeating the name to the baby dragon. "Do you like that? Hmm?" She said in a soft voice that mimicked the way mothers talked to babies. "Do you like Scale?" The dragon yipped with joy as a long thick forked tongue escaped its lips and licked the left side of Bailey“s face, causing her to laugh loudly.

After a few minutes of watching the baby dragon interact with Bailey, it finally decided to continue with its original plan. It wobbled over to me as it head butted my leg? I knelt down to pet the dragon with my right hand, when all of a sudden its head jerked up and its jaws clamped around my hand.

"Ah!" I shouted as I stood up quickly, Scale letting my hand go as it fell to the floor gracefully. "What the hell?" I asked loudly as I brought my hand to my chest. Glaring at the dragon before me.

Two large rings of energy formed on the ground beneath both mine and Scales feet. Starting at our feet as the epicentre, before both grew in size, rotating clockwise with great speed. As the two energy circles touched, they quickly changed from a bright red to a vibrant purple. The now one large bright purple energy ring, grew in height before it stopped a mere thirty centimetres of the grounds. It split into two rings, with on


"So you“re finally back?" The old man said in monotone. Making me think that he already knew and that he was really pissed that I took the dragon from him. "And in one piece, I see." He added as she straightened up and glared into my eyes.

"Yes, sir." I replied without taking my eyes off of his.

"And where is the egg?" The old man said as he crossed his arms while straightening his back. His gaze unnerving me slightly.

"About that..." I began but trailed off as I lifted my right hand and rubbed the back of my neck.

"I see the contract mark on your shoulder." The old man said making me flinch ever so slightly. My eyes widened. "You you contracted with it? Even though you knew it was a part of a quest?"

"He contracted me." I told the man honestly as lowered my hand and kept his gaze. "Willingly."

"Did he really?" The old man asked softly while a look of confusion crossed his face.

"So I guess this means that I have failed the quest?" I asked hoping to just receive the confirmation so I could get on with what was needed.

"Let me talk to a few people and get back to you." The old man said as he turned around and headed back into the storeroom behind the counter.

"So, I guess we can leave." I said as I turned to Bailey with a soft smile trying to hide the confusion I currently felt.

"I guess so. But that was weird." She said as she turned around and walked by my side as we left the shop. "I was expecting a different outcome." She added with a soft chuckle.

As we left the shop I tapped into the wealth of knowledge Odin allowed me, wondering of my next move. I needed to begin the end fight but I was not sure how I should go about it.

I was lost in thought when a burst of bright white light erupted to my right, covering the streets, blinding all who gazed upon it.

I only had enough time to turn to Bailey and cover her with my body. I willed all my power to surround her and keep her safe.

Myself on the other hand, was hit with the brunt of the attack as pain seered through my body.

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