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   Chapter 23

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I stared at Amy as she laughed maniacally. Her eyes turned towards me as she dropped the body in her hands. The laughter never ceasing. Her graduation gown now stained with blood. But what scared me the most was her eyes. Void of any colour whatsoever. It was just two empty white spheres that seemed to be looking at me.

"Amy?" I asked a little hesitant. How could someone I had known for most of my life do something this horrid? I know we had our differences the past couple of years, but nothing that could warrant this.

"Is that this bodies name?" Came a deep growling voice from within Amy. It seems that she is no longer within control of herself. Maybe something took over? "Is was beginning to wonder. She refused to tell me anything in regards to who she was or how she knew you."

"Who are you?" I asked as my vision almost instantly switched between the bloody gore before me, the dungeon where I killed the dragon, and then back to the schools gym. A slight headache rose within my head as a slight confused expression took hold on my face.

"It seems it has already started. Fascinating." Amy“s body said with a cheerful tone. It seemed that whoever had control of her was having a fun time. "Oh, and I will not tell you who I am as there wouldn“t be any fun in that. Just know we will meet in the future and we will fight."

I fell to my right knee as the switching between the world“s grew far more intense. It was beginning to pain at this point. But I could not give in and let whoever it was controlling Amy have its way. I need to ensure that everyone including her is safe.

I felt hands land on my back and instantly I felt refreshed. Yet it was not enough to stop the transition. My eyes widened when the gore before me suddenly disappeared.

There was no blood. No dismembered parts. Just the rest of the school with the students parents sitting in their chairs fast asleep.

Amy let out a loud laugh as we noticed that what we saw earlier was not the truth. Her laugh was filled with evil intent as she almost doubled over.

"This is just to show you how far out of your league you are. If you still want to fight me, then bring everything you have, because," a hand suddenly appeared around my throat as it squeezed down. Amy had moved far faster than anything I had seen before. A pressure pushing both me and Bailey down, holding us still. "You cannot beat me. I am the power both there and here. And I will reign supreme."

With that, Amy seemed to have dissolved into a pure black mist that then dissipated into the air.

I, still on my knees, breathed deeply at the pain of my transfer between the worlds. The only thing keeping me on earth was Baileys hand on my back slowly stroking small circles as if to calm me. It worked.

Suddenly my vision blurred into a fuzzy image of many different colours as they swarmed around me. A headache approached quickly as I began to feel dizzy at the dances of colours. I was about to fall unconscious when my vision suddenly restored itself.

I found myself lying in the familiar cavern w

ossible. She couldn“t have cried? She is still apart of the gaming engine that Travent Corp developed. She is still limited to a small array of human emotions actions within the engine.

"After what happened at the school, you fell unconscious." She began as her tears continued. "Vernon took us to the Travent Corp HQ building in hopes to keep you alive, but that“s when your vital signs began to drop." She leaned her head against my chest as she clutched my scarf tightly. "He managed to stabilise is and for a few days, it was going fine. But then..." She said as she pressed harder into my chest. "Then, everything went wrong. You screamed in pain as blood began to leaked from your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Your body writhing in the same pain that short circuited the machines attached to it. Then you... you... your heart stopped and your body lost all colour. You were so pale. That was a week ago."

A week ago? I thought to myself. It couldn“t be possible. Could time be affected differently here? Could it really have been that long? It just didn“t make sense. I thought back to the time before I managed to escape to the real world and noticed that the times fit each other perfectly. It didn“t distort as it did now.

Something must be horribly wrong for things to go this awry. I tapped into the power of Odin“s eye as the wealth of knowledge flooded through me. Instantly I knew what was happening and cursed that my actions have hastened his plans.

"It“s okay, Bailey. I“m here." I told her as my mind wondered through the events that would come to pass.

It would seem that the devastation that was once thought to take hold a few years from now, was fast approaching us. With the Dark Mage gaining more power due to my visit to the real world, he has enough to execute his plans within the next few weeks.

Bailey leaned back and looked up at me. The soft smile on her face that formed at my reassurance to her, fell when she looked higher than my eyes. Most probably towards my hair.

"Why is your hair gold?" She asked.

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