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   Chapter 22

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I stared at my brother“s face after he uttered my in game name. How did he know that? How did he even understand what it meant? There is something he is not telling me and I will find out sooner or later.

I turned my attention back to the remaining cyclops as I let out a slash of the Chaos Blade. The energy strike cut the ground beneath its path as it shot towards the mighty cyclops. The strike hit the cyclops in his chest opening up a large wound that poured golden blood. Yet he did not fall.

I turned my sword back into its hammer form as I prepared to rush the still standing cyclops. I used a burst of speed to close the distance between us almost instantly as I felt my energy drain further. I brought down the hammer on the cyclops“s head smashing it into its body. He fell to the ground with a loud thud, lifeless.

As I straightened my stance the first cyclops came barreling through the trees and up the school driveway, straight towards me. It would seem that I have angered this cyclops. It may have become a slightly more difficult situation that I had first thought. I strengthened my legs when a shout brought me out of my focus.

"Kai!" Bailey shouted behind with worry filling her voice. Then nothing but silence. I quickly turned to see why she was shouting and then why she had suddenly kept quiet. As I turned my head three arrows made of energy shot passed my face towards the cyclops.

I quickly looked towards Bailey and found her standing there with her black iron wooden bow and a confused look on her face. Okay, this is strange, I thought to myself.

I turned back to find the cyclops with three protruding energy arrows sprouting from his chest as he began staggering towards me. I shifted my hammer into its spear form and shot forward.

Thrusting the spear upwards I aimed for the cyclops head, however, as if given a boost of speed. His club came around and knocked my spear off course. Using the power within the power strike I went with the flow as I twisted my body to the left as I brought the back of the spear along the ground. The spear successfully knocked the cyclops off balance as it fell to the ground with a loud thud. I jumped high into the sky as I used gravity to assist with my spear strike.

As I fell the spear lodged itself deep into the cyclops“s chest, tearing apart its heart killing him instantly. I pulled the spear from the cyclops as stepped to the side of my fallen enemy. I looked at the three corpses using the vast amount of knowledge within my mind to determine how these three managed to come here.

I let my weapon di

metallic smell of someone“s blood. With Bailey following close behind me as I slowly made my way through the school doors.

The smell of blood became more prominent. Bailey clutched the back of my suit jacket. I could feel her shake through her grasp. She was scared. I don“t think she has ever smelled this much blood before and come to think of it, neither have I, but I seem to be fine with it.

I followed the strong stench of blood as I came to a stop in front of the school hall that was hosting the graduation ceremony. I stood staring at the doors hoping that I would not see what I thought I would. My thoughts just can“t be real. There is no way this is real.

I slowly opened the doors as the smell of blood burst through my nostrils making me cringe. But what shocked me was the situation in front of me. The sheer carnage and bloodshed that lay before both Bailey and myself. It shook me to my very core.

Every single person within the hall previously now lay across the floor with some of their parts scattering elsewhere. The amount of blood covering the floor was astonishing. It seemed to cover the entire hall“s surface area. It was far too much.

Chairs strewn across the floor as a sole person stood amongst the carnage. The person that was most likely the cause of this. A murderer of note.

I was shocked and stunned at the sight before me. It was something I had trouble wrapping my mind around. It was an aspect of the current situation that I did not want to believe. The truth shook me to my very core.

There in the middle of the hall with her body covered in blood. Still holding the throat of the principal with a large smile on her face.

But how is this possible? She was just in my arms.

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