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   Chapter 21

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"Kai, please." Bailey said softly as her hand continued to stroke my back. She was worried. I think this is the first time she has ever seen this side of me. I turned to her and noticed the look of concern covering her face and immediately I let my anger go. Just looking at her was enough to calm me.

"Okay." I told her and let her take my right hand and drag me from the hall. With both my parents, Gareth, and Amy following behind.

"I thought I would never see you again." Bailey said softly as she pulled me into another hug once we were outside the hall. "I can“t log back into the game." She added as she tightened her grip on me. Her graduation cap long since discarded to the floor.

"You didn“t miss much." I told her taking in her smell. It didn“t match what the game gave off. This one was far better.

"How dare you disrespect us like this!" My father shouted successfully breaking the moment between Bailey and I. I tensed at his tone. I did not want him around Bailey if he was going to be like this.

I broke the hug with Bailey as I turned to see my father almost giving off steam from his ears. I slowly closed the distance between us as I let off some killing intent. This trick came in handy when dealing with people who show false courage. I watched him flinch as his gaze met mine, but to give him credit, he held his ground.

"This is neither the time nor the place to presume I owe you any respect." I told him softly, noticing that my height now slightly towered over his by a few inches. "I have come for Bailey. Not whatever you sold between you and me." I ended as I turned away from him and towards Bailey.

I took Bailey“s left hand in my right as I walked beside her out of the school. We made our way towards a matte black Bentley awaiting us at the school gates. The driver seemed to have waited for me. I will need to ask Vernon later as to why so much respect is coming my way from his employees.

Halfway to the car a rough hand landed on my shoulder, stopping me in my tracks.

"Don“t you dare think I will let you get away with what you have done!" My father shouted as my mother and Gareth gave off stern looks. Gareth looked a little pleased as well on top of it. As if he could do anything for himself. "You have ruined your brother“s future! Take responsibility!" He shouted as I let my anger flow outwards.

"And you sold me!" I shouted back towards him.

I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and closed the small distance between us. But I didn“t stop there. I continued my march, causing him to fall back a few meters.

"You think you have any right to say anything to me after what you have done?" I told him as my anger boiled beneath my skin. "You think anything you have to say means anything to me?" I felt power within me ignite. "You are mistaken. You lost a son when you sold him." I finished as I stared into his eyes.

"Kai, we have a problem!" Vernon“s voice came from behind me. He was standing slightly behind Bailey as if she was his superior. Odd. But why is he here? And why is he telling me?

as it swirled in a clockwise rotation with an amazing speed. It was different from what I was used to seeing in the game, but I guessed it had to do with the planet I was on.

I shot the Chaos Blast towards my enemies and upon the explosion an enormous cloud of smoke erupted covering the area near the Cyclopes. I knew it would not be enough but I needed to know the differences of my power on Earth and within the game.

The smoke began to dissipate slowly revealing the still standing Cyclopes behind it. Both only had minor injuries with golden blood seeping from small wounds along their left arms. It would seem that is how they protected themselves against my attack.

I sent a few more Chaos Blasts their way as I willed up the power in my right hand. I needed my weapon to appear, but it was taking a large amount of energy from me. However, it was something that was needed.

After the fifth consecutive Chaos Blast, I managed to build up enough energy for my weapon. Soon my Mystos Wrath sword appeared within my right hand. It appeared as if out of pure gold mist.

I strengthened my grasp on my sword as I launched myself forward. I came upon the first Cyclopes very quickly as I drew the sword back. I watched the Cyclops“s club reared back and prepared to launch itself in my direction. I changed my sword into Mj?lnir as I felt even more energy drain from me. I smashed the hammer into the oncoming club as a shockwave emanated from the impact. The ground beneath us cracked as the second Cyclopes stumbled back.

I retreated a few steps as I stared in amazement at the cyclops before me. He was not so lucky. He was launched backwards and broke through the remainder of the car as he rolled a few dozen times. He came to a stop by hitting the trees opposite the school“s entrance.

I stood proud with a smile on my face as I let the hammer retreat into the sword“s form.

"Dark Stroke?" Came a voice I was not expecting. Especially with saying my in game name. I turned back and stared at the person who stated my name.

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